Brunswick Danbury Billiards Pool Table

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  • Brunswick Play Package

Brunswick Danbury Billiards Pool Table - 8'

The Brunswick Danbury billiard table has a beautiful chestnut finish and a playing surface that features Brunswick's trademarked Contender colored woolen cloth, so it'll surely be a great addition to your already magnificent game room. This billiard playing table also has solid wooden rails that make it more stable while the pearlized diamond-shaped sights add a bit of flair to its overall design. Moreover, this game table has a solid wooden ball and claw leg and 3 pieces of 1-inch Brunswick Certified Premium Slate. Also included with the table is Brunswick's trademarked Contender Play Package which includes a set of standard billiard balls, four 58-inch Contender 2-piece cues, a 2-piece bridge stick, a bridgehead, a black plastic 8-ball rack, a plastic table brush, and 12 pieces of chalk. The Danbury is available in this cloth color variations: Green, Regatta Blue, Merlot and Sahara. Get this awesome billiard table and playset today!

  • INCLUDES FREE ON-SITE DELIVERY AND PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED INSTALLATION - All shipments will be handled by an Authorized Billiards Installer.  The installer will then contact you to schedule an installation appointment. Your order can be delivered and installed to you within 4-6 weeks of placing your order. Extraordinary delivery requirements may necessitate an additional fee. Delivery is not available to Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii.

  • CHIC, ELEGANT DESIGN - Billiard playing table with a beautiful chestnut finish and Contender colored woolen cloth. The cloth color variations available are Green, Regatta Blue, Merlot and Sahara. This billiard table also has solid wooden rails with pearlized diamond-shaped sights for added style.

  • SOLID BODY AND CONSTRUCTION - Also features solid wooden legs with ball and claw design and 3 pieces of 1-Inch Brunswick Certified Premium Slate.

  • WITH AN AWESOME POOL ACCESSORY KIT - The Contender Play Package includes a set of standard billiard balls, four 58-inch Contender 2-piece cues, a 2-piece bridge stick, a bridge head, a black plastic 8-ball rack, a plastic table brush, and 12 pieces of chalk.

Assembled Dimensions: 8 x 4 Feet; Play Area: 88 x 44 Inches; Weight: 684 Pounds / Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

FREE Brunswick Play Package with Purchase - $350 VALUE


Brunswick built a legacy from building the best. If you look inside a Brunswick table, this becomes clear as you see innovation after innovation. Every extra step we take in the building process ensures we achieve superior accuracy and consistency in our tables. We are proud to stand behind every product that carries the Brunswick name, and guarantee the quality, materials and workmanship of our products.



Our exclusive nut plates allow for the application of 70% more torque to each connection, ensuring a solid, seamless transition between rail and slate that enhances performance and playability.


Our hardened dome washer ensures that the rail is gripped directly on the table, providing constant tension, which prevents turning, sinking and loosening over time.


Precision is critical and cushion rubber bonding and placement are essential to the overall performance. Brunswick achieves superior accuracy and consistency through proprietary pneumatically controlled machines that bond the cushion rubber to the rails for a precision fit that doesn’t vary.


Banking and rebound accuracy rely on the nose height of the table’s cushion rubber. Brunswick’s automated, pneumatically controlled machines precisely place the cushion rubber ensuring consistent nose height all around the table that meets the 64% of a 2 1/4" diameter ball standard.


Brunswick rails are made of solid hardwood. The rails are machined to exacting standards and provide a solid foundation behind the cushion rubber to ensure exceptional accuracy and performance.


Recessed areas machined into the rail allow the rail cloth to be stapled securely many times over and not interfere with the rail attachment to the slate.


Brunswick uses fine furniture joinery techniques in the construction of all solid hardwood products. These joinery techniques create a stronger, more stable construction that provides flawless performance for years.


Solid wood cross supports utilize dovetail joinery to connect the table frame at each slate joint. This provides superior performance, supporting the slate joints as if the slate was one piece.


Brunswick tables come ready to assemble. We utilize machine nut and bolt construction and galvanized steel leg-plates to achieve a rock solid fine furniture product that is easy to deliver and install in homes.


Brunswick tables are built to last a lifetime. All solid wood materials are kiln-dried to a 6-8% moisture level, then stained and sealed to keep moisture out. A durable furniture finish completes the look of each product, for a lifetime of playability.


Our slate is measured to a rigorous standard twice exceeding BCA specification. The slate is precision-machined and leveled to within ten thousandths of an inch, then checked for flatness on each side four times throughout the machining and curing process. Finally, each set is quality inspected and certified for playability.

The 12 Advantages apply to most Brunswick tables. Specific table construction details can be found in the “Features” section of each table’s product page. The 12 Advantages do not apply to CONTENDER tables.

Brunswick Billiards SINCE 1945

A time-honored brand name, Brunswick has been offering superior craftsmanship and innovation since 1845. This traditionally- styled and beautifully made Brunswick Danbury 8-Foot Billiard Table makes a classic centerpiece for any game or family room.

Traditionally Styled

In a rich chestnut finish, the Danbury billiard table features a double-arched base with ball-and-claw legs, and a cloth table surface that is designed to play faster and longer. The cloth provides a surface free of knots for accurate ball roll and playability. A 2500 lb. cylinder steams and presses the cloth to give it a harder finish insuring little or no pilling and faster play.

Durable, Classic Design

Crafted to last, the Danbury frame is constructed of superior engineered and select veneered hardwood. Classic in style, this table has Brunswick slate accents and camphor burl inlays with a double arch. Shield style pockets feature tassels for a traditional look.

Accessories Included

The playing surface of this billiard table measures 44” x 88”. Accessories include a set of standard pocket balls, four two-piece cues, a bridge stick and a bridge head. It also comes with an 8-ball rack, a table brush, chalk and a rule book. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Brunswick billiard table is supported by the largest dealer network in the business. This billiard table will provide years of superb performance and playability.



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