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Hampton Kettlebell Stadium 3-Tier Rack

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Kettle Bell 3 Tier Rack

(3-Tier Flat Storage Rack (52" W x 28" D x 42" H)

Solid, stable and durable, our 3-tiered multi-purpose Kettle Bell Racks are designed to hold our Urethane Coated Kettle Bells, as well as our Iron Kettle Bells. The 3-tiered designs can really help the user be space-efficient. The tiers are specifically angled to make loading and unloading extremely easy and very safe. The user can utilize the racks for dumbbells or kettle bells, or simply mix and match them up as desired. You decide. Additionally, our unique HKB-POD rack holds any variation of 6 different Kettle Bell styles. Our home and vertical market version the KB-3T will accommodate a single set from 5 pounds to 50 pounds.


(Dumbbells sold separately, not included)