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Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor group cycling utilizes the large muscle groups of the legs. Whenever larger muscle groups are worked, more calories are burned. Cycling increases energy expenditure through the very vigorous cardiovascular workout it provides. It is more intense than stationary cycling due to the constant movements in and out of the saddle. The ability to add resistance increases the intensity and strengthens the lower body. Indoor cycling is a great choice of activity for avid outdoor cyclers. It is intense enough to keep those with specific cycling goals on track, while providing variety to an outdoor ride. In addition, it serves as sufficient alternative when the weather is not conducive to being outdoors such as during the winter months or during heavy rain. For the average exerciser, indoor cycling provides another option for a cardiovascular workout in addition to running or stair climbing. It can boost calorie burn and add variety to a workout plan while increasing fitness and improving weight loss and maintenance.
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