NOHrD Bike - Ash

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NOHrD Bike Ash

Introducing the NOHrD Bike – an indoor cycle with an innovative, aesthetic design adhering to their continuous high demands on functionality. Using advanced planetary gearing with a solid wood and steel frame, this bike is extremely durable, perfectly suited for professional use in the fitness studio or home gym.

Having pursued a minimalist, sleek design inherent to athletic cycling, the NOHrD Bike boasts an impressive, clear structure with a distinct flow. Cyclists will appreciate being able to train in both an upright or racing position, for which the handlebar provides various grip possibilities and can be adjusted for a range of cycling angles.

Nohrd Bike Indoor Cycles Features:

A no-nonsense, streamlined design inherent to cycling

The NOHrD Bike boasts a distinct, straightforward structure with a smooth, ‘head-to-toe’ flow. (Club Finish)

Pedal stroke resistance is precise and infinitely variable by turning the resistance disc while cycling. (Cherry Finish)

Thanks to the innovative gear unit and smooth, wear-free magnetic brake technology, the NOHrD Bike promises to be a lifelong, durable exercise companion. (Walnut Finish)

The NOHrD Bike App is free of charge and both Android and iOS compatible – enjoy tracking your cycling. (Walnut Finish above)

Bring your work to your bike! The NOHrD Bike laptop tray accessory. (Ash Finish above & below)

Adjustable handlebar with multiple grip options. (Ash Finish)

The NOHrD Bike features rubber wheels for easy maneuvering.

 Planetary Gear Technology Eddy Current Brake System

The NOHrD Bike technical features include an innovative gear unit, as well as a smooth, wear-free brake technology based on eddy current, guaranteeing extraordinary durability. Pedal stroke resistance is precise and infinitely variable by turning the setting disc.

The NOHrD Bike is designed for maximal stability within minimal space: requiring a mere 0.44 sq meters, this piece of exercise equipment seamlessly fits into any interior environment. The foot sections are equipped with rubberized rollers for easy raising and positioning. (Cherry Finish)

1. Disc flywheel
Perfectly weighted for greater momentum during your workout

2. Precision gear heads
Guaranteed “Made in Germany” quality standard

3. Solid wood and steel frame
Featuring built-in stepless, wear-free eddy current brake

4. Battery pack
Transmits training data via Bluetooth

NOHrD Bike App For iOS and Android

NOHrD’s specially developed app records your cycle performance data, transmitting via Bluetooth and enabling the user to precisely track and analyze performance. Simply click your device into the practical tablet holder for safe and sturdy viewing during training to view your data at a glance.