NOHrD SlimBeam Club Sport Cable Machine

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NOHrD SlimBeam club Sport Ash Wood Colored Dark

Cable machines are one of the classic exercise machines. Fitness studios and physio therapy centers always have at least one gym cable, due to their versatility and functionality. Choosing NOHrD's SlimBeam means selecting an exercise machine which features all the benefits of traditional cable machines, along with a top design, capable of blending into your home interior. Enjoy the SlimBeam's slender shape, soft contours and high-quality wood, available in a broad range of shades and colors, to suit your tastes.

The cable machine's most essential element is its range of motion. Extension lengths of up to 26 feet (single, at 3:1 cable ratio) guarantee maximum functional expansion. 

The maximal weight of 27.5 lbs (single extension) is distributed over 15 weight plates, delivering an extremely precise and harmonious weight gradation.

**The Slim Beam should be wall or ceiling mounted to studs or can be free standing with the free standing foot accessory.*

The SlimBeam is the perfect all-rounder exercise machine for home fitness. We have designed a workout manual for you, featuring exercises from beginner to advanced levels, to provide you with the right training intensity. 

Use the intensity indicator to choose your level of difficulty. Start off with exercises for a single muscle group and proceed to discover your body's strength and new limits! These exercises can be found at the beginning of the SlimBeam exercise manual for the following muscle groups:

  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Abs
  • Lats

Our SlimBeam will automatically work muscles and joints during strengthening, stability and mobility training. You will be conditioning the upright posture which makes and keeps you resilient, essential for dealing with every-day, physical strains (workload) 

The SlimBeam will truly improve your balance through coordinative training. The exercises are designed to simulate peak stress you will likely encounter during your day, thus preparing and conditioning you to meet such challenges. 

Gain mobility, posture and balance - all with the SlimBeam.

Equipment included: Pull-up bar with adapter, cord

SlimBeam Chin up Bar (shown in Cherry)

Pull-up bar (shown in Cherry)

SlimBeam Accessory Adaptor

Accessory Adapter

NOHrD SlimBeam Club Sport Cable Machine Features:

Material Solid Ash wood. Colored Dark
Base Plate 17.3"
Height  84.6"
Width 15.7"
Depth 7.8"
Distance to Wall 3.9"
14 Weights  11.02 lbs each
Start Weight  11.02 lbs 
Total Weight  165.5 lbs
Cable Ratio 3:1



Frame 5 Years
Parts 3 Years



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