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Spinning Spinner A3 Indoor Spin Bike

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Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

A step up from the A1, the A3 offers the same micro-adjustability and shoe clips but with a slightly heavier frame and a dual water bottle holder on the handlebars with a center section large enough to accommodate a computer, tablet, or phone. Includes a free three month subscription to Spinning® Digital. Tablet and mount not included.

Optimize your ride with our new portable tracking solutions!

Spinning® Connect™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor uses optical heart rate technology to provide accurate heart rate monitoring and features a breathable armband to fit comfortably on every body. Connects with the Spinning® Connect™ App, the Spinner Chrono®, SPINPower® Studio Computer and the Spinning® Studio Computer. The rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of workout time on a single charge. Magnetic lock charging cable is included.

Spinning® Connect™ Cadence Sensor attaches to any Spinner® bike crank as well as most outdoor bikes to track and capture real-time cycling cadence (RPM). One-time pairing when used with the Spinning® apps - whether you use the sensor at home or in the studio. Compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ mobile devices.

Spinning® Connect™ App tracks cadence, heart rate, power and more! Track and set goals for your Spinning® experience and use with outdoor sports activities as well! The App is available for a FREE 30 Day trial on iOS.

Our SPINNER® bikes, by themselves and/or configured with peripheral components, are protected by the United States patents.


Wedge Design Handlebar Post
All-new wedge design keeps the bars secure and solid, while remaining easy to adjust.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

Dual-Sided SPD®-Compatible Pedals
Pedals accommodate both athletic shoes, or cycling shoes for increased pedaling efficiency.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

40-lb Perimeter-Weighted Flywheel
The 18 kg flywheel and drive chain provide the smooth and authentic road bike feel that Spinning® is known for.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

New Open Frame Design
Oversized commercial-scale racetrack frame tubes mean more durability.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

Leather Brake Pad
This commercial-style pad offers the best feel of any resistance system.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

Sweat-Resistant, Powder-Coated Steel Frame
Integral contoured sweat guards protect against moisture and rust, helping your bike last longer.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

Easy Transport Wheels and Stabilizer Feet
Front-end wheels allow for easy portability while stabilizer feet eliminate shaking.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

Adjustable Resistance and Quick Stop
"Umbrella" style resistance knob protects from sweat and allows for precise adjustments and quick stops.
Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike

SPIN DIGITAL™ Subscription
Enjoy our online library of exclusive Spinning® Instructor-led rides to stream anytime from your home.

Optimize Your Ride at Home or in the Studio with the Spinning® Connect™ App

Image of Spinning Connect App
Real-time workout metrics at a glance allow you to track your power and heart rate with the Spinning® Connect™ App on Apple watch.
Measure Your Personalized Power, Monitor Your Heart Rate
and Track and Set Goals for your Spinning® Experience

App Store icon for iPhones. Links to App Store icon for Android. Links to

Get the Most out of All of Your Workouts!

Screen shots of Spinning Connect on mobile device

Track your Spinning® workout as well as other built-in activities, such as outdoor bike rides, indoor/outdoor running, skiing, swimming, weight lifting, cardio, yoga and more. The customizable dashboard allows you to know your power, know your zones, work smarter and track progress.


  • Model Number: 10-001
  • Overall Dimensions: 20.5” W × 49” L × 42” H (52.1 × 124.5 × 106.7 cm)
  • Overall Weight: 116 lbs. (52.6 kg)
  • Inseam: 29"
  • Flywheel Weight: 40 lb (18kg)
  • Pedal Type: Standard Thread
  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Warranty: 1 year, no labor


Please note the following:

Home Spinner® Bikes are not designed for commercial use.
Maximum order of two bikes per household.

Spinning Spinner® A3 Spin Bike Specifications, Dimensions and Warranty

Model Number: 10-001
Overall Dimensions: 20.5” W × 49” L × 42” H (52.1 × 124.5 × 106.7 cm)
Overall Weight: 116 lbs. (52.6 kg)
Flywheel Weight: 40 lbs. (18kg) Perimeter weighted
Pedal Type: Standard Thread
Color: Metallic Silver
Weight Limit: 300 lbs
Warranty: 1 year, no labor

Compatible with Standard Tablet Mount.

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