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Torque Fitness Tank

Take a step back and ask yourself what it is about any new kind of exercise equipment that makes it explode in popularity and go viral? First and foremost, it has to deliver more of the results you desire than other methods. Secondly, it has to give you a workout that is easy to get into, feels great, and in a perfect world, takes less time. Third and always a plus, it must be a workout you can love, not one that is boring or drudgery

Experience – Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a surprise “wow” reaction and a unique exercise experience that users can love.

H.I.I.T – You can select from three levels of resistance and perform bursts of acceleration and speed, varying the intensity in different runs or within the same run.

Safety – Resistance that feels dangerous can be backed down instantly during the run to a level that feels safer.

Portability – TANK’s optional XGAS – Group Anchor Station holds weights and accessories to move a complete workout to any location indoors or outdoors where the XGAS unattaches to become a group anchor station for battle ropes, resistance bands, and other attachments.

Surface Friendly – TANK’s inflated soft wheels are gentle on carpeting, hardwood, and natural turf grass.

Bi-directional – Resistance is supplied in both directions eliminating the need to turn the TANK around.  This narrows the path required for your “TANK ZONE”.

  • Note:  Weight plates shown are not included.  Weight does not add to the resistance, but is required in order to create traction for the wheels on some surfaces.

Torque Tank Specifications

Dimensions  L x W x H 49.2” x 31.9” x 37.3” (125 cm x 81 cm x 95 cm)
Weight  165 lbs (74.8 kg)
Weight Plates Weight Plates must be purchased separately. 
Warranty 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts/90 days misc.