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Treadmill Desks

LifeSpan's Workplace Solutions line includes products designed for individuals, as well as, products intended for groups of users to share throughout the day. Individual use products make a great addition to a traditional office, or can be used with a standing desk to add activity to an already healthy desk choice. Group use products can be placed in lobbies, activity areas, cafeterias and other general community areas commonly shared among employees, guests or clients. The modular design of these products allows each piece of equipment to be coupled with each desk option. There are 3 treadmill options and 1 bike that all can be combined with 3 different desk options. This modular approach gives you the ability to select the desk that best meets your needs by either using your existing adjustable height desk, the DT5 manual Height Adjustment Desk or the DT7 electric height adjustable desk and then select the equipment model that you want to combine with your desk.

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