True Fitness Force Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl

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True Fitness Force Leg Extension/Leg Curl

The Force Leg Extension/Leg Curl includes convenient adjustments for Leg Extension and seated Leg Curl exercises.


  • Multi-position contoured back pad with lumbar support wings and integrated head pad utilizes one-way ratchet for easy adjustment.
  • 3 starting positions for both Leg Extension and Leg Curl exercises allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.
  • 4 position ankle pad adjusts easily to accommodate wide range of users.
  • Fixed shin pad provides stability during Leg Curl exercise and eliminates need for additional adjustment.
  • For more information on this product, view the product overview video.

True Fitness Force Leg Extension/Leg Curl Specifications:

Dimensions 57.5” x 47.5” x 57” (146 cm x 121 cm x 145 cm)
Product Weight (including weight stack)

Standard - 517 lbs / 234 kg | 

Heavy - 597 lbs / 271 kg

Weight Stack Options Standard - 175 lbs / 79 kg / 15 lbs top plate + 10 lbs increments | 

Heavy - 255 lbs / 116 kg / 15 lbs top plate + 10 lbs increments


TEN YEAR WARRANTY Frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
FIVE YEAR WARRANTY Bushings, pivot bearings, gas-shocks, pulleys, and guide rods
ONE YEAR WARRANTY Cables, rubber grips
SIX MONTH WARRANTY Upholstery, hardware, and all other parts not mentioned



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