TrueForm RUNNER Curved Treadmill OD Green

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TrueForm RUNNER Non-Motorized Curved Treadmill


The TrueForm Runner is the most natural running treadmill ever made and proven to dramatically improve run form by reducing impact stress, reducing asymmetry, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of injury. Users will burn 44% more calories on a TRUEFORM than on any motorized treadmill.

TrueForm has the smoothest, quietest, and most subtle curve of all non-motorized treadmills which allows users to feel safe and in control of their speed, whether walking, jogging, or running. The TrueForm is perfect for all skill levels from beginners to the most advanced and intense training regimens.

Dimensions:      64" x 36" x 63"
Unit Weight:      340lb
Max Weight:      500lb
Frame:              7 guage Steel Formed & Welded  
Covers:             Single Piece - Aluminum Formed & Welded 
Tread Surface:   Bonded Kraiburg Thermolast made by Smith and Wesson 
Bearings:          106 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings
Pulleys:            Tooled Solid Aluminum 
Display:            LED - Bright Display Rechargeable Battery 


Both The Runner and Trainer have a very smooth belt and the shallowest curves on the market, which is critical for promoting a balanced healthy gait. Our shallow curved running belts also have the least inertia, so they are safe and easy to control your speed. This will be important for group classes so the belt doesn't over accelerate.

Speaking more generally, The Runner is handcrafted in CT, overbuilt like a tank 100% all metal construction and hand welded. The result is it feels heavier underfoot; it's quieter. It's very sensitive and provides organic feedback for good posture and gait. It is the best treadmill you can buy.

The Trainer is a lighter version of the Runner built in our Korean plant. It is also heavy-duty commercial quality but made from lighter materials. It's a little easier to use because the belt is also lighter. It is a terrific value-engineered version of the Runner. It has all the benefits of the Runner, heavy duty plate steel formed and welded frame, shallow curve, super smooth Responsive Belt Technology (RBT), heavy duty axle assemblies, and an easy-to-use display.


TrueForm warrants to the original purchaser of the TrueForm Runner that the frame they shall be free from defect in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. The tread and tread mechanisms shall be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of ten years from the date of purchase. The LED digital display shall be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. TrueForm will at no additional charge to you, repair or replace the frame or any part of the Runner if it becomes defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails to conform with this Limited Warranty. Labor coverage shall be provided for one year.


Length/Width/Height 64" x 36" x 63"
Running Surface 17" Wide
Weight 350 lbs
Inner Frame  Formed and Welded 7 Gauge Steel
Outer Frame Formed and Welded 7 Gauge Steel
Covers Formed and Welded 7 Gauge Steel
Handrails 2" Formed Steel Tubing 
Handrail Uprights 6" Formed Steel Tubing
Paint Zinc Plated Undercoat / Textured Powder Coat Finish
Custom Paint Available Option
Belts Polyurethane with Steel Radial
Tread Lower Fiber Glass reinforced nylon 
Tread Surface Bonded  Kraiburg Thermolast Overmold Elastomer 
Tread Options 5/8” Artificial Turf or Rubberized Running Track
Bearings 106 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings
Pulleys Turned and Tooled Solid Aluminum 
Display Bright LED Rechargeable Battery (BT Optional)
Performance Adapter Available Option
LED Display Console (standard)
  • Digital display shows Pace, Speed, Distance, and Time in bright, easy-to-read blue LED numbers
  • Power and Reset buttons on sides of console
  • No complicated programs to set the screen simply gives you the vital information you need when you start running
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries and includes AC adapter for recharging

TrueForm Runner Digital Display with Blue LED Numeric Feedback

Bluetooth Display Console OPTION (upgrade)

Same features as standard LED display console, but also connects with 3rd party apps such as Zwift, VERT, Outside Interactive, and TRUEFORM app.

TrueForm Runner Treadmill Advantages

  • Low Cost of Ownership
    • Made of welded steel and built like a tank
    • Overcomes conventional treadmill shortcomings such as wear and friction
    • Vulcanized rubber slat belts last over 100,000 miles
    • No traditional belt over deck system to be flipped or changed out due to friction
    • No motor or electrical components to wear out or be replaced
    • Zero electrical consumption translates to significant savings for club owners
  • Innovative Design and American Manufacturing
    • Engineered and hand built in Chester, Connecticut
    • One of the most effective training devices to develop proper running technique
    • Innovative slightly curved deck and smooth gliding slat belt are controlled 100% by the movements and the force of the athlete using it
    • No complex buttons or settings to worry about
    • Helps the user feel the perfect position, whether walking, jogging, or running
    • Rewards proper posture, balance, and cadence
  • Custom Design
    • Only treadmill available with true sport specific tread surfaces
    • Enhance your TrueForm Runner with Field Turf or Running Track belts to take your training to the next level
    • Available in any color with a gloss or matte finish
    • Custom logos can be added to showcase your club identity or brand


Represent your style, gym or school with a custom TrueForm Runner. We offer a limitless number of color choices see the full color chart of RAL Paint.  Add your color code to the notes when placing your order. Not sure what you want. Our design team will create a mockup for you at no additional cost. Contact us for more info. on custom paint & decals.


Wear your cleats or running spikes on sports specific treads. TrueForm Runner is the only treadmill to offer artificial turf, running track and a proprioceptive surface called Naboso. Turf is available in green and black. Running track is available in red and blue.



Represent your gym, school or affiliation with a fully customized TrueForm Runner. Select the color, tread surface and provide your logo and we will do the rest. Not sure what you want...Our design team will create a mockup for you at no additional cost. Contact us for more information on customization. 


The Runner is the most responsive and minimal curved non-motorized treadmill on the market, reacting to every subtlety in your movement; balance, posture, hip position, foot strike, and more. You instantly feel when your not in the optimal position for walking or running. Studies show Trueform improves running gait and significantly reduces impact stress experienced by runners reducing injury and promoting health recovery.


Whether you train out of a garage gym or run your own large-scale facility, the TrueForm Runner is a pivotal component of any aerobic training program. Proven to recruit more muscle and burn 44% more calories. Professional athletes and trainers recognize the TrueForm Runner as an indispensable tool to elevate performance. TrueForm is the expert in movement training offering online courses in race preparation for marathons to obstacle racing at 


Superior engineering defines the TrueForm experience with the smoothest ride of any treadmill and instant response to every step. No other Treadmill on the market offers higher quality production. TrueForm Runner is 100% all-metal made in the USA with hand-welded covers, axels cut from a solid aluminum, treads, made at Smith and Wesson, with the strongest and highest quality materials. For best-in-class quality there is no comparison to the TrueForm Runner.

Running Surface OPTIONS

Artificial Turf Grass

Surface is bonded to vulcanized slats which align closely together on treadmill curvature to form a nearly seamless running surface. Allows wearing of cleats on treadmill while warming up or training at higher intensity. For field sports such as football and soccer, the TrueForm Runner with Artificial Turf surface will allow athletes to warm-up on the sideline, or stay warm in between playing periods, in a natural running motion which mimics normal body movement and muscle engagement during sports activity (versus using an exercise bike). Standard green grass color (optional colors available by special order).

TrueForm Runner Enduro 3.0 Treadmill with Artificial Grass Running Surface TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Artificial Grass Running Surface TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Artificial Grass Track for Running with Cleats TrueForm Runner Treadmill Turf Track Close Up

Track Surface

7.5mm synthetic track surface is bonded to vulcanized slats to create a true outdoor artificial running track experience. Manufactured by ECORE, this running surface combines a 2.5mm durable wear layer made from vulcanized EPDM rubber that is fusion bonded to a 5mm performance base layer. The result is a balanced distribution of force reduction and energy restitution for fitness and conditioning applications. Allows wearing of track shoes with running spikes for sprints, distance running, and interval workouts. Hardwearing, scuff resistant, resilient to spike impact, and extremely durable. Standard red color.

TrueForm Runner Enduro 3.0 Treadmill with Artificial Running Track Surface TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Artificial Running Track Surface TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Artificial Track for Running with Spikes


  • Custom frame color
  • Custom artificial turf color
  • Custom logo decals

TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Custom Clear Coat TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Custom Frame Color TrueForm Runner Treadmill with Custom Logo Decals TrueForm Runner Treadmill Custom Turf Colors



Developed by NFL Player, Jesse Ohliger, the BREATH BELT was created to solve a 10 year bout with chronic hip and low back pain. Several unsuccessful rehabilitations and surgery consultations later with the "best" NFL and NCAA clinicians, Jesse was driven to find what was holding back his progress. This lead the relentless mission to help himself and countless other NFL and NCAA players with similar issues. Drawing from numerous modalities including unconventional movement, yoga, classical pilates, anatomy and breath work, the best Injury Prevention tool for anyone with a pair of hips was conceived.

After a year of consultations with an array of Doctors, Rehabilitation Specialists and Strength and Conditioning coaches, it became clear that all modalities were missing something to connect breath mechanics to optimal hip function - as they are tied systems. It became evident that a tool was needed help alleviate fascial restriction against gravity of the prime lumbar stabilizers, the PSOAS and QL.

The BREATH BELT is currently helping thousands of clients as well as numerous college and professional sports teams in corrective movement, rehab and Strength & Conditioning. It is widely used to help any coach or client quickly learn and feel the link between diaphragmatic breath mechanics and hip mobility - as they are tied systems.



  • Links virtually to your fitness app.
  • Broadcasts speed and cadence to apps over Bluetooth or ANT+
  • Connects Apple Watch Series 2+ heart rate to a fitness app with the heartbeatz connect Apple Watch app
  • Rechargeable with a USB cable

Compatible with fitness apps that track a footpod.

Garmin- Zwift - Kinomap - RunSocial - Gymtrakr

Easy To Connect: 

  1. Charge your Runn
  2. Mount your Runn on the treadmill deck
  3. Put 2-3 sensor strips on the belt at least 18 inches apart
  4. Connect to your fitness app or wearable device and start your run!

Shipping Dimensions (inside palletized crate)

  • 69" L x 42" W x 23" H | 445 lbs.
  • Freight Shipping Class 92.5
  • Can ship up to 4 units high at 21" high per unit (approx. 1,600 lbs. ship weight)

Warranty - Full Commercial (All facilities regardless of usage)

  • Frame - Lifetime
  • Treadmill Components - 10 Years
  • Belts and Display - 5 Years
  • Labor - 2 Years

Samsara Fitness TrueForm RUNNER Non-Motorized Treadmill Specifications & Warranty:

Runner Specifications:

Dimensions: 64" x 36" x 63"
Unit Weight: 340lb
Max Weight: 500lb
Frame: 7 guage Steel Formed & Welded
Covers: Single Piece - Aluminum Formed & Welded
Tread Surface: Bonded Kraiburg Thermolast made by Smith and Wesson
Bearings: 106 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings
Pulleys: Tooled Solid Aluminum
Display: LED - Bright Display Rechargeable Battery


Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 5 Years
Components: 5 Years
Manufactured: United States



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