Ultimate-Tough™ Rubber Flooring Roll - 20% Cocoa and Eggshell Speck - 25 ft Roll

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Ultimate-Tough™ Rubber Flooring Rolls - Black with 20% Cocoa and Eggshell Color Speck - 25 ft x 4 ft Roll

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Infinite design & color options

Ultimate RB’s rolled rubber is manufactured via a process called “skiving”. In the first stage of this process the ingredients, including tire crumb, are molded into a large cylindrical form. Then this cylinder is skived (i.e. peeled) into rolls of various dimensions on a very precise, computer controlled cutting system. By changing the quantity and variety of materials used in molding the cylinders we can create rolls with different appearances and physical characteristics.

SPECS - Each Roll

  • Choose Thickness:  3/8 in (9.5 mm), 1/2 in (12 mm)

  • Length:  25 ft

  • Width:   4 ft

  • Area:  100 sq ft per roll

Among the most common applications for rolls is Ultimate Rolled Rubber Flooring, which is used in fitness centers and health clubs in the athletic market. The same material is also used as flooring in the commercial market in schools and healthcare facilities. Rolls are used in the equine market to provide cushioning in animal trailers, and they are employed in the canine market for dog agility courses and pet daycare facilities. The transportation industry also uses rolled rubber as an anti-skid cargo containment surfacing. Finally, lower density rolls are used as underlay to reduce noise transmission through the floor in multi-story buildings and as a base mat in Pad & Pour indoor sports surfacing systems.

While these are the most common applications for rubber rolls, the number of potential applications for this versatile material, as shown in the list above, is virtually endless. All of our Rolled Rubber products contain at least 90% recycled material. They are all made in the USA and they are all covered by our industry leading Limited Warranties.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Clean
  • American Made
  • Custom Color


Popular in health and fitness clubs, weight rooms and ice rinks, Ultimate Rolled Rubber Flooring is a champion in a wide variety of applications.

Our rolled rubber offers superior durability and is suitable for indoor applications that require resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance and traction.

Ultimate Rolled Rubber features a dense rubber construction that provides excellent, high impact durability and superior slip resistance in wet or dry conditions. The product also combines anti-fatigue and ergonomic comfort properties with very low maintenance. Containing up to 93% recycled rubber, Ultimate Rolled Rubber is widely regarded as the premiere “green” resilient flooring choice.

Standard Products

Ultimate RB maintains a substantial inventory of many standard rolled rubber products in thicknesses including 3/8" (9.5 MM) and 1/2" (12 MM). These standard rolls are 4′ x 25′ and 4′ x 50′.

Standard Colors

In addition to black, our inventory of standard products includes Low-EPDM content rolls in Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Blue/Gray, and Cocoa/Eggshell. We also offer highly colored EPDM-dense flooring material that can be cut to your specifications for quick turnaround.


Trailer rolls provide animals in transit with cushioning and protection from contact with trailer walls and partitions.

The rolled rubber material can be affixed to any surface with commonly available urethane adhesives.

All rolled rubber products are covered by our industry leading 5-year limited warranty.


Ultimate RB Rolled Rubber flooring provides a durable, resilient surface for dog play, agility practice and competition while allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The anti-fatigue qualities of the soft, rolled rubber material reduce stress on the joints and muscles of pets and their human caretakers. The superior traction of rubber flooring is unequaled. From dog daycare facilities to canine agility courses, rolled rubber is an ideal flooring material.

Ultimate Rolled Rubber products offer superior durability and are suitable for indoor applications in areas that require resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance and traction.




All products are made from 100% recycled rubber and a specially engineered polymer binder. Because of the high level of recycled material in our formulation, these products meet and exceed the requirements set forth in the U.S. Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government and can be a contributing factor towards LEED Green Building Council certification.

Custom Sizing

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes allow for custom sizing options that no competitor can offer.

Superior Comfort

Recycled rubber offers cushioned comfort that is unmatched by any other surfacing material.

Minimal Odor

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes virtually eliminate the strong sulfur odor (rotten egg smell) prevalent in virtually all competing products. Our products are made from recycled rubber, but they don’t smell like they are.


All Ultimate RB products are proudly made in the United States of America.

Manufactured for Durability

Custom-formulated, high strength polyurethane binders, similar to those used in synthetic running tracks, are used in the construction of Ultimate RB products. When they are combined with recycled tire crumb in our unique manufacturing processes, an extremely durable material is produced.

Ultimate RB ULTIMATE-DESIGN™ and ULTIMATE-TOUGH™ Rolled Rubber Products Limited Warranty 1.0 Ultimate RB’s rolled rubber products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects in the material and workmanship for 5 years (“Warranty Period”). If there are defects in material and workmanship during the Warranty Period, Ultimate RB will replace or repair the mats, as described herein, at no cost to the owner or end user. Should defects in material or workmanship be found, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact Ultimate RB through the point of purchase or directly, as described below. This warranty does not cover dissatisfaction, problems, or other damage to the materials due to, or as a result of: 1.1 Improper installations and/or improper maintenance. 1.2 Fading due to sunlight, as outdoor exposure, abrasions, and ultraviolet rays may cause normal change in the surface color, which is not considered a defect under this warranty. 1.3 Shading or color variation of individual pieces due to natural rubber variations. 1.4 Use of or exposure to chlorine, harsh or acidic chemicals, solvents, acidic food, and abrasive chemicals. 1.5 Water spotting petroleum adhesives or floor sealants. 1.6 Color variation between samples and/or printed illustrations and actual product. 1.7 Wear or product degradation expected from the use or environment of installation. 1.8 Chewing, clawing, or other animal destruction. 1.9 Acts of negligence, misuse, and willful or accidental external influences including, but not limited to, vandalism, riot, or acts of war. **Proof of purchase is required.** 2.0 The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of products of Ultimate RB which are shown to be defective. The owner or end user agrees not to advance any claim for any other measure of damage or loss. Ultimate RB shall not be liable for installation, disassembly, removal, disposal, return shipping, or other similar costs. 3.0 Ultimate RB shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or claim whatsoever unless: 3.1 The manufacturer is notified in writing within fifteen (15) days of any occurrence which might give rise to a claim. 3.2 The owner or end user has obtained written authorization from Ultimate RB prior to making any repairs or alterations on or through the surface which may affect the integrity of the materials. 3.3 Ultimate RB is first permitted to inspect the allegedly defective product or cause of the alleged loss, damage, or claim. 3.4 The material is installed according to the written instructions provided by Ultimate RB and used only as intended by Ultimate RB. 4.0 If, after inspection, Ultimate RB determines that there has been a material defect in the product within the Warranty Period as described in paragraph 1.0, it is the liability of Ultimate RB to provide either: a) the delivery of repair or replacement material for the impacted area, or b) a credit to be applied toward the purchase of new material. The value of either remedy shall be prorated upon the remaining months of unexpired warranty as determined by the manufacturer. The maximum prorated value of either remedy shall be prorated upon the remaining months of unexpired warranty as determined by the manufacturer. The maximum pro-rated value of either remedy shall in no case exceed the original purchase price. Limitation of Warranty: 1.0 There is no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor any other warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. 2.0 Ultimate RB shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or other damages. 3.0 The remedies stated herein are the sole and exclusive remedies for any claim or damages. 4.0 No agent or representative of Ultimate RB products has any express or implied authority to make any representation, promise, or guarantee not stated herein. Disclaimer: 1.0 Recycled rubber, as with any recycled product, can vary. Tolerances in thickness and width have been made as stringent as is possible, but some variance is to be expected. Rubber’s nature is to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. 2.0 Ultimate RB’s rolled rubber products are not to be used in any manner or for any purpose not expressly identified by Ultimate RB.



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