Ultimate Tru-Lock™ Interlocking Rubber Flooring - Black - 24 in x 24 in Tile - 5/16 in Thick

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Ultimate Tru-Lock™ Interlocking Rubber Flooring - Black - 24 in x 24 in Tile - 5/16 in Thick

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SPECS - Each Tile

  • Thickness:  5/16" (8MM)

  • Length:  24"

  • Width:   24"

  • Weight:  8 lb.

  • Tile Sq Ft:  4

Ultimate RB manufactures a broad range of rubber tile flooring products for use in a wide variety of industries. Our tiles are available in an infinite variety of custom color combinations.

Durable, flexible tiles for a variety of applications


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Clean
  • American Made
  • Custom Color
Ultimate RB utilizes three distinct production processes to create tiles with different characteristics. Tiles generated on our large matting press are extremely dense and durable. The tiles that are made from our rolled rubber material are lighter and more flexible, and our molding process can produce tiles in nearly any shape or configuration. By varying thickness, density and material formulations, we can achieve different aesthetic and performance characteristics within each tile category.

Ultimate RB tiles are used in many markets and situations. Among the largest and most demanding applications for rubber tiles is Playground surfacing, as the tiles must meet Critical Fall Height performance requirements. Tiles are also commonly used in the Athletic market in fitness centers and home workout rooms. The Equine market employs tiles in the form of horse stall matting, and they are used in the Commercial and Ballistic markets as well.

All of our rubber tile products contain at least 90% recycled rubber material. They are all manufactured in the USA and they are all covered by our industry leading Limited Warranties.



All products are made from 100% recycled rubber and a specially engineered polymer binder. Because of the high level of recycled material in our formulation, these products meet and exceed the requirements set forth in the U.S. Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government and can be a contributing factor towards LEED Green Building Council certification.

Custom Sizing

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes allow for custom sizing options that no competitor can offer.

Superior Comfort

Recycled rubber offers cushioned comfort that is unmatched by any other surfacing material.

Minimal Odor

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes virtually eliminate the strong sulfur odor (rotten egg smell) prevalent in virtually all competing products. Our products are made from recycled rubber, but they don’t smell like they are.


All Ultimate RB products are proudly made in the United States of America.

Manufactured for Durability

Custom-formulated, high strength polyurethane binders, similar to those used in synthetic running tracks, are used in the construction of Ultimate RB products. When they are combined with recycled tire crumb in our unique manufacturing processes, an extremely durable material is produced.

Ultimate Applications

Playground Tiles


No other playground surfacing material offers the degree of safety assurance that rubber tiles can provide.

Each year over 200,000 children are injured on playgrounds in the United States. Many of these injuries result from children falling onto inadequate surfacing. Ultimate RB Bounce Back Playground Tiles offer a solution to this problem in a durable and attractive rubber tile product.

Bounce Back Tiles are designed to meet federally mandated Critical Fall Height requirements for playground equipment up to 10 feet tall. Our tiles have been certified to comply with these requirements by IPEMA through TUV/SUD, a third party independent testing/certification laboratory. Additionally, Ultimate RB conducts regular, in house Critical Fall Height testing on our own certified test equipment as part of our Quality Control plan.

Wood and rubber mulch products are easily displaced, resulting in inadequate thickness/protection in large areas of the playground. They also present an undesirable and dangerous opportunity for children to swallow, throw or kick the material. Poured-in-Place products can only be installed in specific weather conditions which limits the window for installation. Ultimate RB’s factory-produced tiles eliminate these problems and offer the assurance of safe surfacing for children’s play areas.



Rubber Tile Flooring for Athletic Facilities


Our rolled rubber flooring is also available in a revolutionary interlocking tile format.

Our Zip-Tiles offer excellent sound and shock absorption qualities and they can also serve as an effective vibration buffer. Zip-Tiles also are great for anti-fatigue resistance. Fabricated from fine rubber granules, they give superior underfoot comfort to cushion the strain from running, exercising, and walking.

Standard Products

In addition to black, our inventory of standard products includes Ultimate RB Zip-Tiles in Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Blue/Gray, Cocoa/Eggshell, and Yellow (see below). The color concentrations of the standard tiles are 10% and 20%.

Rubber Tile Flooring for Baseball


Ultimate RB On-Deck circles provide superior footing/traction for batters awaiting their turn at the plate, and they also help protect the underlying turf from baseball spike damage.

These heavy duty ½” thick mats are available in diameters of 60”, 72” and 96”. Baseball organizations ranging from Little League to MLB teams, including the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves, utilize Ultimate On-Deck circles to protect their players and facilities alike. We also offer matting for baseball dugouts and walkaways.


Rubber Tile Flooring for Commercial Buildings


Our rolled rubber flooring is also available in a revolutionary interlocking tile format.

Ultimate Zip-Tiles are interlocking rubber floor tiles engineered so precisely that the intricate interlocking pattern nearly disappears as the tiles are installed. The result is the appearance of a monolithic surface accomplished with the ease of installing interlocking tiles.

Standard Products

Ultimate RB maintains a substantial inventory of 28.5″ X 28.5″ (5.64 sq. ft.) Zip-Tiles in thicknesses including 8 MM and 9.5 MM.

In addition to black, our inventory of standard products includes Ultimate RB Zip-Tiles in Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Blue/Gray, Cocoa/Eggshell, and Yellow. The color concentration of the standard tiles is 17%.

Rubber Tile Flooring for Shooting Ranges


For use in shooting ranges to help with ricochet and noise level reduction, Ultimate RB produces Ballistic Tiles made from 100% recycled tire rubber.

The 2’x2’ tiles are available in thicknesses of 1 ½” and 1 ¾”, and each tile is constructed with two different surfaces.

The grid surface is installed facing outward in areas where the primary concern is noise reduction, and the flat surface faces outward when ricochet reduction is the principal concern. Manufactured in the USA in 5 attractive colors, Ultimate RB Ballistic Tiles are an excellent surfacing choice for law enforcement, military, and civilian shooting ranges.


Rubber Tile Installation Guide

Rubber Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

ULTIMATE-TOUGH Rolls & Tiles Data Sheet

ULTIMATE-TOUGH Sample Brochure



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