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The Benefits of Power Plates

The Benefits of Power Plates

When setting up a gym at home, using Power Plates is beneficial. A vibrating exercise machine like Power Plates are popular because they make workouts better. They help activate mu … read more

Pool Workouts

Now that the heat is on this summer, adding pool workouts to your regimen can be a great way to keep cool while enjoying something different. Not only does the water feel good, … read more

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workouts

Posted by Julie King on

Ultra-intense workouts have been popular over the past several years, from CrossFit to boot camps to HIIT. Even yoga now has power and hot versions for greater intensity. While … read more


Posted by Kate O'Leary on

Fall is in full swing, and falling leaves and colorful paths create whole new world to run in. For a top-tier cardio experience, we recommend the natural surroundings, improved … read more