Ropeflex RX3200 ADDAX Horizontal Rope Pulling Machine with Sliding Seat

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  • Ropeflex RXB2 Bench
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Ropeflex ADDAX RX3200 Horizontal Rope Pulling Machine with Sliding Seat

Get the added benefit of a moving seat for a twice as effective workout in half the time! RX3200 is the answer to a rowing style machine that incorporates even more exercise options. Perform rowing/pulling motions with an adjustable sliding seat. Lock the seat in a stationary position for arm specific workouts. You can even perform basic rope exercises by simply standing off the machine for upright pulls. This unique design seamlessly integrates lower and upper body functional movement to maximize efficiency and fun while Intelligent Progressive Resistance™ technology automatically optimizes the difficulty level to adjust to the specific needs of each user, each workout, every time. The RX3200 can be utilized equally effectively for cardiovascular, as well as strength training. And when you are done you can easily move it out of the way, and flip it for a stand-up, space saving storage.


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Automatically adjusts resistance from 15lbs up to 275lbs, based on pulling speed and intensity

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Use the seat in a sliding mode to simulate rowing rope pulls or stop it at any of the 10 position with a pull-pin

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Interactive training system for club members, group training, and individuals available as an ADD-ON

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LCD display tracks time, speed (ft/ min), distance (total feet pulled), calories, and scan mode. Works independent of HIPERVISION

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GET A GRIP on our durable and pliable, polyester-weaved rope. Soft on hands and easy-to-clean. Available in black or burgundy-black colors.

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Easily move and store using transport wheels. Foot pads and rubber feet provide needed grip during workouts.