Ropeflex WOLF RX2200 Horizontal Rope Trainer

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Ropeflex WOLF RX2200 Rope Pulling Machine

Mobile and efficient in every way

The benefits of climbing rope are no longer the exclusive province of elite athletes with the WOLF. Now, safe and effective rope-pulling exercise is available to athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts, and even for injury-rehabilitation purposes. No need to worry about the risks and inconvenience of hanging rope from the ceiling. Intelligent resistance™ adjusts to the needs of users of all fitness levels. Ropeflex machines deliver the benefits of both isokinetic and aerobic exercise. Ropeflex machines are based on maintenance-free magnetic technology.

• Compact horizontal rope pulling machine

• Durable and light-weight design that easily fits anywhere

• Soft-Braided rope for easy and comfortable grip

• Automatic resistance increases pull force with faster speed

• Extended cushioned seat

RX2200 can be easily positioned or stowed away using built in wheel system. Tapering seat allows and stable frame enables a wide variety of training routines.

This is why top fighters in the UFC use ROPEFLEX equipment to prepare for their bouts! Our machines offer unique functional training for MMA, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grappling, and other sports! ROPEFLEX equipment offers unparalleled versatility and combines strength training, cardiovascular training, and muscular endurance training in one simple machine.


Standard & Optional

A blue circle with an arrow pointing to the right


Automatically adjusts resistance from 10lbs up to 200lbs, based on pulling speed and intensity

A close up of a red and black braided fabric


GET A GRIP on our durable and pliable, polyester-weaved rope. Soft on hands and easy-to-clean. Available in black or burgundy-black colors.

A phone with a bluetooth icon next to it


Interactive training system for club members, group training, and individuals available as an ADD-ON

Ropeflex hypervision is a rope training app

A close up of a ropeflex exercise machine


LCD display tracks time, speed (ft/ min), distance (total feet pulled), calories, and scan mode. Works independent of HIPERVISION

A person is pulling a rope on a ropeflex machine


Transport wheels and moving wand makes for convenient mobility and storage. Very small footprint.

Ropeflex rx2200 horizontal functional rope training machine that can easy go and fit anywhere

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