BodyCraft RFT PRO Rack Functional Trainer

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BodyCraft RFT PRO Rack Functional Trainer


Our Rack Functional Trainer (RFT) is built for MAXIMUM flexibility and safety. Rugged construction and adjustable spotter arms make your workout enjoyable, quick and safe. Add the optional Dip Handles and a Utility Bench for a Complete Strength Training System.


  • RACK OUT – Fully Functional Power Rack with Chin Bar, 2 sets of Bar Catches, and Safety Spotters with Utility Catches. Adjustments are Pop-pin and in tight 2″ increments. Laser Etched #’s on the Inside of the 4 Uprights make it easy to set your Catches and Spotters.
  • FUNCTIONAL FRONT – Dual Front Adjustable Swiveling Pulleys with 23 Height Positions. Adjust the Pulley Height by Simply Releasing the Pop-Pin and Sliding the Pulley to Your Desired Position. The Laser Etched #’s on the Inside of Each Upright Will Make Sure Both Pulleys are at Equal Heights.
  • GET LOW – In the Rear of the RFT are Dual Independent Low Pulleys. This Station is Ideal for Rows, Bicep Curls, Ab Exercises, etc.
  • BRING IT DOWN – The RFT Features Dual Independent Swiveling High Pulleys Mounted at the Top Rear of the Rack. These Can be Used in Conjunction with the Included Lat Bar or Single Handles. Work Your Shoulders, Back, Arms, and More!

*Some images shown with optional components. Please see the Options below.


  • CABLE COLUMNS/UPRIGHTS – 25 Precision Lasered Height Position Dual Independent 180 Degree Rotational Adjustable Swivel Pulleys
  • ACCESSORIES – Dual Contoured Single Handles, Lat Bar, Padded Ankle Cuff, Dual Heavy-Duty 21 Link Adjustment Chain Set
  • CHIN BAR – (Wide – Classic – Narrow) Uses Include, Pull-Ups, Hanging Ab Straps, Bands, Inversion Boots
  • BAR CATCHES – Steel Reinforced High-Density Rubber Catches Prevents Scratching
  • AESTHETICS – Black Oxide Hardware, Blue Anodized Aluminum Selector Pins and Pop-Pins and Blue Single Handle Accents
  • FRAME – Heavy-Gauge 2″ x 3″ Rectangle Tubing w/Laser Cut Steel Plates
  • FINISH – Diamond Gray and Black Electrostatic Powder-Coated Finish
  • PULLEYS – 3.5″ and 4.5″ Fiberglass Impregnated Nylon Pulleys with Sealed Maintenance-Free Precision Ball Bearings
  • CABLES – Nylon Coated, 7 X 19 Strand Aircraft Cable Rated at Over 2000 lbs. Tensile Strength


  • WEIGHT STACKS – Dual 150 LBS Weight Stacks with Magnetic Selector Pins W/ Lanyard. 2:1 Ratio. Optional Upgrade to 200 lbs. Each.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – Rated for up to 1,000 lbs.
  • WORKING SPACE – 34.5″ Depth by 43″ Wide Between Uprights
  • GUIDE RODS HARDWARE – Heavy Duty Chrome Plated
  • DIMENSIONS – 65″L x 59″W x 83.2″H
  • ASSEMBLED WEIGHT – 665 LBS with dual 150LB. stacks (715 LBS with dual 200LB stacks)
  • STABILITY – Non-skid Rubber Contact Points help secure and level the machine.


  • SPEED TRAINER – Allows for quick intense sports specific movements without weight-stack/cable slack.
  • POWER ROW – Rower option for weighted rows
  • F732 – Dip Attachment (F730.F430)
  • F733 – Extra Bar Catches Option (F730)
  • F734 – Band Pegs Attachments (F730)
  • F735 – Plate Rack Option (F730/F430)
  • F737 – Landmine Option (F730/F430)
  • F739 – Battle Ropes Option (F730/F430)
  • FUNCTIONAL LONG BAR – Great addition for dual pulley systems
  • SPORTS STICK – Great addition to Cables Arms and Cables Columns
  • TRICEPS ROPE – A must have for ultimate Triceps Workout

BENCH OPTIONS for the F730

  • F704 – FID System Utility Bench
  • F705 – FID Ladder Catch Utility Bench

Available Bench Attachments

  • F710 – Arm Curl Attachment (F705 required optional F715)
  • F711 – Leg Ext/Curl Attachment (F705 required optional F715)
  • F715 – Hold Down/Attachment Kit (for F705, not required for F704)


  • Residential
    • Frame: Lifetime*
    • Parts: Lifetime*
  • Light Commercial
    • Frame: 10 years*
    • Parts: 2 years*
    • 6 months – wear items*

*Warranty Applies to Defects in Materials and Workmanship to the Original Owner Only. See Manual for Details.

US Patent# 11,110,313



Owner's Manuals


RFT/F430 Shipping: Truck (LTL, Curbside Delivery)

F430 Frame Box 1/1: Size: 80x19x8 Weight: 204 lbs
RFT Frame Box 1/3: Size: 60x17x10 Weight: 126 lbs
RFT Frame Box 2/3: Size: 36x17x8 Weight: 91 lbs
RFT Frame Box 3/3: Size: 80x3x3 Weight: 20 lbs
Weight Plate Box 1/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
Weight Plate Box 2/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
Weight Plate Box 3/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
Weight Plate Box 4/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
TOTAL WEIGHT: 721 lbs*

200 lbs Upgrade Stack Option

Weight Plate Box 1/2: 10x5x5 Weight: 50 lbs
Weight Plate Box 2/2: 10x5x5 Weight: 50 lbs
TOTAL WEIGHT with 200 lb Upgrade: 821 lbs*

*the total does not include pallet weight