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Brunswick Tru Balance Cue

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Brunswick Tru Balance Cue

The Tru-Balance cue has a long history with Brunswick Billiards. The cue first originated as a Brunswick house cue in 1937. In 1946, the Tru Balance cue was noted to be the world'’s largest selling cue. Today’'s Brunswick Tru-Balance cue is reminiscent of the 1937 edition, and it still holds the distinction of the best selling Brunswick house cue. It is our only 1-piece cue.



Brunswick Tru Balance Cue Features:

TIP: 13 mm, Triangle brand
FERRULE: Black plastic
SHAFT: Hard white maple with a standard taper
BUTT SLEEVE: Hard white maple with a standard taper
BUTT PLATE: Black Herculite® which is resistant to cracking or breaking
BUMPER: Molded rubber
FINISH: Polished high gloss
WEIGHTS: 18, 19, 20, 21 oz. available