GoFit 8lb Medicine Ball

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GoFit 8lb Medicine Ball

Although training with a medicine ball can seem overly simplistic, experts and athletes everywhere have proven the value of an effective medicine ball regimen time and again. Taking advantage of a full range of motion helps support improved joint integrity. A strong abdominal core is the foundation of a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Medicine balls provice vital fitness benifits such as building core trunk strength.  The key to most athletic moves, like swinging a golf club, throwing a baseball, performing martial arts, or blocking and tackling in football. The problem is the body is a chain and is only as strong as it's weakest link. The trunk is generally this weak link. All sports trainers now recognize core strength training as the logical starting point for an effective training program.

Medicine Ball Training provides resistance through a full range of motion to abdominal muscles. By keeping your abdominals fully loaded with resistance through all planes of movement, you'll develop your abs much faster. This is also part of developing your core trunk strength, which gives you more explosive power that equates to huge golf swings, booming tennis serves, and of course, you'll look better on the beach!

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