GoFit Massage Roller with Exercise Manual 18" X 5.5"

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GoFit Massage Roller with Exercise Manual 18" x 6" 

The GoFit Massage Roller is a great tool to awaken tired muscles, pre-workout and to help knead aching muscles, post-workout. Included with the GoFit Massage Roller is our favorite post-workout recovery routine, along with some core and upper body strength moves that you just can’t do with traditional rollers. Rejuvenate and strengthen your body with the GoFit Massage Roller! The GoFit Massage Roller is made of dense, closed-cell foam offering a soft-touch, while its rigid core provides firm, long-lasting support. The varied pattern gives you a deep tissue massage with a comfortable, foam texture. The Massage Roller's open-ended design allows for a variety of core strength exercises as well as massage applications.

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