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HOIST 6 Station Single Pod CMJ-6600-S

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HOIST® CMJ-6600-S 6 Station Tri Pod

The NEW HOIST Commercial Multi Jungle System can be configured to meet both the needs of your facility and the fitness requirements of your members. Expand the jungle from the standard (4) station pod to a (9) station or (14) station with the additions of the Crossover Pull-up Bar (CMJ-OPT-01). The Jungle System keeps users interested by offering the ability to work their entire body and the flexibility to define their own exercises.

HOIST® CMJ-6600-S 6 Station Single Pod Features:

  • Unique one-handed Hi-Lo Station adjuster
  • Angled seat for proper alignment
  • Integrated rock-climbing holds bring an exciting exercise variation

HOIST® CMJ-6600-S 6 Station Single Pod Includes:
Includes the following stations:

  • (1) CMJ-6101 Triceps Extension
  • (1) CMJ-6175 Hi-Lo Pulley
  • (1) CMJ-6201 Lat Pulldown
  • (1) CMJ-6203 Low Row
  • (1) CMS-6175 Stand Alone Hi-Lo Pulley
  • (1) CMJ-OPT-01 Cross Over Pull Up Station
  • (1) CMJ-CAGE Base Cage

Includes the following accessories:

  • (1) Aluminum Lat Bar
  • (2) Aluminum Curl Bar
  • (1) Triceps Rope
  • (2) Padded Ankle Strap
  • (2) Single Aluminum D-Handle 
  • (1) Double Aluminum D-Handle