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Hoist ROC IT Leg Curl

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Hoist ROC IT Leg Curl

Dynamic adjustment is the essence behind the new ROC-IT™line from HOIST®. Using ROX™ technology, the user becomes an integral part of the exercise by continuously adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm. As a result, the ROC-IT line embodies a unique training experience that achieves the unrestricted joint movement and core activating benefits of functional training coupled with the stabilizing benefits of machine-based equipment. Try it out for yourself and experience the ride of the ROC-IT line!

Hoist ROC IT Leg Curl Features:

Back Pad

Easy-to-use, the gas shock assisted adjustable back pad accommodates varying arm lengths.

Roller Pad

Self-aligning roller pad automatically adjusts to reduce potential stress of the ankle joints.

Shin Pad

Adjustable shin pad creates a natural hinge movement and reduces shearing forces and stresses to the knee joints.


Starts the body in a upright posture, then rocks rearward during the exercise providing a greater range-of-motion and a more natural hinge movement. Rocking movement lowers the hips to prevent forward travel of the body during contraction unlike traditional leg curl machines.

Upholstery Colors

Standard Upholstery colors: Dove Gray, Slate Gray, Black, American Beauty Red and Blue Jay

Frame Colors

Standard Frame Colors: Textured white & Platinum.


Labeled pivot alignment points.









Machine Weight

698 lbs.




Lifetime. Warranty for the lifetime of the product and applies to defects from the manufacturer only.

Moving Parts

5 Years. Applies to defects from the manufacturer only.

Paint, Cables & Upholstery

1 Year. Applies to defects from the manufacturer only.