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Hoist ROC IT Seated Rotary Calf

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Hoist ROC IT Seated Calf 
The innovative biomechanical design of the ROC-IT™ Plate Loaded line delivers a more natural, unrestricted, functional movement with a 345 lb weight stack. Ride Oriented Xercise® provides a rocking movement that constantly adjusts the user to achieve optimal biomechanical positioning throughout the exercise. Integrated head support helps maintain a neutral cervical spine on rearward rocking machines. Molded plastic upholstery covers add a contemporary and finished look. Contoured footrests provide a perpendicular platform for user support and stability. Easy step through design speeds up workouts by allowing quick entry and exit of the machine. Integrated scuff guards are strategically placed to protect the machine’s frame finish. Rubber foot protectors to guard facility flooring. Oversized handles with bulbed ends provide a more comfortable and secure grip. Ratcheting adjuster system provides quick and easy seat adjustment.

“The handle and cable changes are quick and easy; and the cable movement is smooth.”
- Liz Neporent - American Council on Exercise

“Weight machines with a sense of style. These machines, which allow users to do everything from chest presses to leg curls, are a hybrid of commercial and consumer machines, making them more rugged than previous home models.”
- Los Angeles Times

"The Customer Service award was presented to Hoist, as dealers cited dramatic improvements in response times for product deliveries and service calls."
- Health & Fitness Business 

"HOIST® Fitness Systems: Twenty years of heavy lifting pays off for local entrepreneurs."
- San Diego Metropolitan Magazine 

"Better Gyms? No sweat. HOIST® Fitness Systems owners found unmet need and filled it"
- San Diego Union Tribune

"HOIST® -- Cadillac of home gyms".
- Sportstyle

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