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Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym

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Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym

The Hoist V4 Elite home gym is the ultimate press arm combining the range-of-motion adjustment of the V1 with the user-defined exercise movement of the V3 press arm. The versatile V4 press arm also includes attachable strap handles to further increase your workout choices.  Engineered with the user in mind, the V Series provides you with the flexibility to customized your home gym and achieve your personal fitness goals. Sleek and attractive, the compact design requires minimal floor space, allowing you to move efficiently from one exercise to the next!

“The handle and cable changes are quick and easy; and the cable movement is smooth.”
- Liz Neporent - American Council on Exercise

“Weight machines with a sense of style. These machines, which allow users to do everything from chest presses to leg curls, are a hybrid of commercial and consumer machines, making them more rugged than previous home models.”
- Los Angeles Times

"The Customer Service award was presented to Hoist, as dealers cited dramatic improvements in response times for product deliveries and service calls."
- Health & Fitness Business 

"HOIST® Fitness Systems: Twenty years of heavy lifting pays off for local entrepreneurs."
- San Diego Metropolitan Magazine 

"Better Gyms? No sweat. HOIST® Fitness Systems owners found unmet need and filled it"
- San Diego Union Tribune

"HOIST® -- Cadillac of home gyms".
- Sportstyle

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  • 5
    Assyembly and function

    Posted by Len Harcourt on July 25th 2020

    This set is very easy to assemble and had great easy instructions.. And being 5'11" I set on the seat very well and am able to do all the functions of the gym set. I'm very happy with it.

  • 5
    Brilliant Design

    Posted by Lance on July 16th 2020

    The V4 elite is an incredible piece of engineering. You can get a full upper body workout on this machine with plenty exercise variety for each muscle group. The legs are limited to leg extensions and leg curls but they are very effective compared to other home gyms I have tried. This model has been around for many years and it seems like Hoist has worked out any bugs if it ever had any....the machine functions near perfectly for me so far. I upgraded to the 200 pound weight stack and would recommend that but I would say the bench press is at least 50 pounds heavier than listed weight....100 pounds on the V4 is equivalent to 150 pounds or more of free weights in my opinion.

  • 5

    Posted by Ron Dorf on July 4th 2020

    After waiting almost 2 1/2 months our gym finally arrived. Very high quality construction - took a very long time to assemble but it’s worth it. Pulleys are very free flowing. We are very happy with our purchase

  • 5
    So far so good, but too soon to say

    Posted by Unknown on June 7th 2020

    Have had it for only 2 weeks or so, am I very pleased. I worried that it wouldn't be solid, that the exercises would be awkward or jerky. Nope. It is heavy-duty, very versatile, and extremely well designed. Read some comments suggesting it wasn't enough weight. Well, maybe if you're a bodybuilder or a professional athlete. For your average exercise nut, it's plenty. I also worried that I would be too short (5'6") for the machine. Nope, it's fine. Of course, the biggest question is durability. It's a lot of money. It's nice, but it needs to last to be worth it.