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JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

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JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

Do you want a Fitness Trampoline for higher intensity workouts or more space to move around? Our Pro Series delivers. Built extra tough specifically for the rigors of group fitness and personal training, these trampolines have more elastic cords and a larger diameter to meet your demands. Increased mat tension, quicker response and lasting durability set these models apart. By adding more elastic cords to our standard frame diameter, you will find a longer warranty and unmatched reliability. The padded petal design provides the Model 370 Pro a 35.5" diameter jumping surface – 70% more than the competition. Features a 39” frames and 36 elastic cords and comes with the 4-in-1 DVD Compilation.


  • Enjoy the wonderfully smooth, cushioned bounce
  • Benefit from improved lymphatic circulation
  • Fitness that’s fun for everyone!
  • Fast, High Calorie Burn – Trim fat and tone your whole body
  • Excellent Cardio Routines
  • Great Core Exercises
  • Detox / Body Cleansing
  • Improve your balance & spatial awareness
  • Physical Rehab
  • Low Impact Workout with a wide variety of exercises
  • Exercise at your own convenience

Better than a Steel Spring Rebounder


  • Virtually Silent FlexBounce System vs. Steel springs & frame become squeaky
  • No Stress, Gentle, Smooth Bounce vs. Jarring, unpleasant bounce
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty vs. 2 year warranty!
  • Elegant Arched Legs = Super Stable vs. Straight legs are unstable
  • Over 45% Larger Jumping Area vs. Constricted jumping area


All models come with our Basic Workout DVD that provides viewers with a total-body workout routine. This video meets you where you are at with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels demonstrated during the workout. Preview included workout. All models (except the 220 and 250) come with 3 additional workouts: Cardio, Core, and Strength.

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