Landice E9 ACHIEVE Elliptical Trainer

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Landice E9 ACHIEVE Elliptical Trainer


Manufactured to exceed commercial leading standards, the E9 Elliptical's unique center-drive design enables you to exercise in an upright position to reduce stress on the back and the knees. Replicate the natural stride of an outdoor running motion with zero-impact on your joints. Its footprint is 20% smaller than competing models to fit better in your home.

  • 2" pedal spacing
  • 2" medical-grade side rails
  • 11" diameter flywheel
  • 1100-Watt electric break
  • Distance indicator
  • 21" fixed stride
  • 500-pound user weight capacity
  • 11-gauge heavy-duty steel construction
  • Physical footprint: 35" x 68"
  • Active footprint: 35" x 76"
  • 110 VAC or 220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A
  • Contact heart-rate monitoring system
  • Integrated reading / accessory rack
  • Certifications: UL 1647, CAN/CSA - C22.2, CE


vision system

The Landice Achieve console comes equipped with capacitive touch buttons over a 9" LCD screen. The durable glass interface offers an easy-to-clean surface with an excellent tactile feel.

      • 5 Motivational display screens
      • Numeric keypad for quick and easy data entry
      • 8 Built-in programs
      • 6 User-defined programs
      • 3 Goal programs: Time, distance, and calorie
      • 2 HIITS programs
      • 3 Fitness tests: Balke, Firefighter, Army
      • Army fitness test feature: Automatic Shift Transmission Technology
      • 2 Built-in heart-rate monitoring programs
      • 4 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs
      • Interactive HRC programs with contact heart rate
      • Displays data in English or metric configurations
      • Bluetooth connectivity
      • 3-year parts warranty on console


vision system

Our patented center-drive replicates the body's natural motion.


vision system

Orthopedic "gel" footpads provide optimal comfort and relieve foot fatigue. An integrated rear step reduces step-up height to 7", the lowest of any elliptical. The integrated side-frame footrests with non-skid surfaces allow for isolated upper-body workouts. Moving handrails feature molded contoured finger grips.


vision system

The Landice Control Center comes standard on the E9 Elliptical. Included is an integrated reading/accessory rack; a personal cooling fan; and a convenient water bottle holder. Check out our additional items that will enhance your workout in the console image.


vision system

The Landice E9 Elliptical comes standard with a wireless heart rate monitoring device and a contact heart rate crossbar to give you feedback on how your body is affected by your workout.


vision system

An advanced algorithm calculates your metabolic-equivalent speed based on your effort level and pedal speed. For example, if you can exercise at a metabolic-equivalent speed of 11 MPH on the Elliptical, you are capable of running 11 MPH outside.



vision system

With this option, you can Turn your Landice equipment into an entertainment center. Our commercial grade 19" Widescreen HDTV LCD screen comes with HDMI inputs, coaxial cable input, and a VESA-D Bracket for easy mounting.

Watch your favorite TV shows while you work out or plug an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Stick into the HDMI port and create your own on demand entertainment system.

The included Broadcastvision remote control provides sound (TV does not play sound externally), headphone jack and volume controls. To operate a Cable or Satellite receiver requires the remote specific to the cable provider. The LVS carries a 2 year parts warranty from Broadcastvision Entertainment.

** Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Stick not included.


vision system

Enjoy all the internet has to offer with the Landice Tablet Bracket. Our proprietary adjustable clamp securely holds your iPad*, Android tablet*, or electronic reader* in the perfect position for surfing the internet or viewing your favorite digital content. Mount and dismount your digital device is a snap with a 7"-12" dock. This option has a 1-year warranty. (*not included in product).


vision system

Mount your own TV or computer monitor with our optional VESA-D bracket. Accepts up to 19-inch VESA-D 75/100 compatible flat screen computers, computer monitors, and TV's. This option has a 1-year warranty.

Enhancing the Functionality of Your Landice

Select and download these applications to get the most out of your Landice workout experience. The Landice App is available for the iOS and Android platforms. Learn more about our Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Cardio Console

Enhance the functionality of your workout with the Landice App. Connect the Landice app and push workout data to third-party providers such as Map My Fitness, Runkeeper and Strava.

Achieve Console

The Landice App enhance your ability to share workout data. Connect the Landice app and push workout data to third-party providers such as Map My Fitness, Runkeeper and Strava. The Landice Achieve also has integrated hardware designed by Wahoo that allows specific products to interact with third-party apps.


Zwift is one of the third-party apps that registers speed and incline changes made on the treadmill. Additional apps to connect with include Gymtrakr, KinoMap, Virtual Runner, and SelfLoops.


Zwift is one of the third-party apps that will registers your speed changes during a ride. Other cycling apps include Rouvy, FulGaz, Trainer Road, Gymtrakr, The Sufferfest, Intelligent Cycling, and SelfLoops.

Landice iTunes/Android App

This App lets you use your iOS or Android device to collect and monitor your workout data on the 90 series Cardio and Landice Achieve products, which come with Bluetooth connectivity. The App enables you to review your workout history, create a user profile, and register your Landice product. It also has the ability to transfer your settings to the treadmill.


5-year parts 1-year labor

Landice offers a 5-year parts and a 1-year labor warranty valid to all commercial applications which include light commercial, hotels, health clubs and pay-for-membership facilities. High-wear items such as pedal straps carry a 90-day warranty against defects in material and workmanship.