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Life Fitness C3 Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike

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Life Fitness C3 Exercise Upright Bike

The C3 Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike merges precise engineering with meticulous attention to detail. With its contoured upright riding position and generously cushioned seat, the bike ensures a comfortable ride. Moreover, the self-powered C3 model operates without the need for cords or outlets, making it suitable for any room in your home. You have the flexibility to select from various console options, such as the new Track Connect 2.0, which offers enhanced connectivity and effortless integration with your preferred devices. Alternatively, you can opt for the Go Console for a more straightforward experience.


The C3 Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike is designed with a natural riding position to ensure that workouts are both comfortable and effective. Each revolution is smooth and quiet, enabling the exerciser to pedal towards their goals without causing disturbance to others.


  • HEART RATE MONITORING: Contact heart rate hand sensors are included with the console, providing wireless heart rate monitoring.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Handlebars are ergonomically designed with deluxe forearm support.
  • NON-SLIP, SELF-BALANCING PEDALS: Self-balancing pedals equipped with ratcheting straps enable more balanced muscle engagement.
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Learn more about the consoles

Go Console

The Go Console offers a blend of simplicity and a diverse array of engaging workout programs. Its intuitive design, coupled with a straightforward interface and an eye-catching blue LCD screen, caters perfectly to exercisers seeking a hassle-free experience.

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Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring

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2 User Profiles

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13 Pre-Loaded Workouts + 1 Custom Workout Per Profile

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3 Year Warranty

Track Connect 2.0

The upgraded Bluetooth® feature of Track Connect 2.0 enables you to consolidate all your workout data seamlessly, integrating smoothly with your preferred devices such as Apple Watch® or Samsung Galaxy Watch®, as well as Apple® or Android™ smartphones.
You can synchronize your data with Apple Health or Fitbit by activating proximity login on the Life Fitness Connect app. Alternatively, connect with other apps using FTMS protocol.
The upper Entertainment Zone, equipped with an integrated smartphone/tablet compression rack, is positioned at eye level for effortless viewing. Whether you're following along with your preferred fitness app or streaming the latest episode of your favorite show, it offers convenience. Meanwhile, the lower Workout Zone provides simple setup and in-workout control for an optimal exercise experience.

Icon 1-image Connects to Apple Watch® and Samsung Galaxy Watch®

Icon 1-image Bluetooth Heart Rate Compatible

Icon 1-image Sync with Life Fitness Connect and other apps using FTMS

Icon 1-image Integrated Smartphone/Tablet Compression Rack

Icon 1-image 4 User Profiles

Icon 1-image 15 Pre-Loaded Workouts + 3 Custom Workouts Per Profile

Icon 1-image 3 Year Warranty

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