Nautilus HumanSport® Shoulder Chest

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Nautilus HUMANSPORT® Shoulder Chest

With a design inspired by the graceful, natural motions of the human body, HumanSport® offers a truly unique and human way of conditioning. HumanSport® is so simple, so intuitive and so natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. Six dual-function, cable-based machines act as twelve workout stations by utilizing dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training. Paired with a variety of included programming designed by our own Master Trainers, HumanSport makes a powerful addition to any facility.


  • Multiple chest pressing motions including horizontal press, incline and decline press, chest fly and rotational press
  • Multiple shoulder pressing motions including frontal plane press, sagittal plane press and rotational press
  • Drop-down seat for enhanced training options in the standing position
  • Seated stable, seated unstable and standing positions can be utilized
  • Primary or secondary D-ring selection for more or less pre-stretch
  • Unilateral or bilateral use
  • Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair Accessibility:

  • 2:1 cable ratio for low starting resistance
  • Weight stack utilizes LockNLoad switch technology for quick and easy weight selection even while seated
  • Fold away seat to allow for wheelchair access
  • Accessory handles are optimally placed for easy access while in a seated position

"Lock N Load® Now weight selection is as easy as flipping a switch. The intuitive Lock N Load® design is easily recognizable. If you've ever flicked a light switch on and off, you'll immediately understand how it works. Universally color-coded switches engage and disengage the weight via an internal pin, providing a safer, more durable and maintenance free operation. Lock N Load prevents unnecessary maintenance and customer service headaches since there are no pins to lose or replace."

HumanSport is so simple, intuitive and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. Seven cable-based machines with dual weight stacks provide a complete range of workouts for total body training. When paired with the provided programming designed by our Master Instructors, HumanSport makes a powerful addition to any facility.

W: 63 in (160 cm)
L: 45 in (114 cm)
H: 64 in (163 cm)
STACK WEIGHT: 2x 88 lbs (2x 40 kg)
OVERALL WEIGHT: 655 lbs (298 kg)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 772 lbs (351 kg)