Nautilus Impact Chin Dip Assist

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Nautilus Impact Dip Machine

Proven. Smart. Effective.

The Impact® Strength line brings many subtle innovations to the power of your next weight training workout. It is the evolution of the proven biomechanics and user features that have made the strength line a solid, competitive product. This line retains all the unique, proven, individual design features that customers have stated are ideal such as pre-stretch, start assist, range of motion selection and graduated & standard heavy weight stacks. Impact Strength incorporates new aesthetics and biomechanics features that have established its position as a competitive and diverse strength product line.

Nautilus Impact Dip Machine Features:

  • User-friendly weight stack selection
  • 5 lb incremental weight system for optimal progression
  • Pull-pin adjustment
  • Gravity assisted positioning
  • Featuring the patented Lock N Load® weight selection system

Impact Strength® was designed to be a powerful choice for a facilities primary line of strength equipment. Rather than focusing on a couple hero pieces, this 23-piece line covers all of the essentials needed make up the foundation of any facility. Suited for all fitness levels, users can isolate and focus on each body part, making their workout customizable and efficient. Proven biomechanics and a rock solid construction ensure the durability that club owners expect.

The Chin Dip Assist has become a staple strength product because it allows the user to adjust their desired weight balance and build the muscles needed for these body weight exercises. With the innovative Lock N Load® weight stack and updates for an even more durable construction, this machine will be at home in any weight room.