NOHrD WaterGrinder Club

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NOHrD WaterGrinder Club

What is a grinder?

In sailing it is the grinder's task to transform wind into propulsion by hoisting the sails as quickly as possible. Grinders do the backbreaking work on bord and are undoubtedly high-performance athletes. Using maximum physical strength and stamina, grinders hoist the sails by cranking the winches. Sailors today do this by performing a classic cranking or grinding movement. Nohrd's WaterGrinder now provides you with the chance to pursue this sport at home, without having to deny yourself the element of water. Achieve the fitness of a racing grinder in the process!

The Missing Link

Stationary bikes, eliptical trainers and treadmills are all highly effective exercise machines, yet they only condition your cardiovascular system through your lower body. All cardio workouts contain muscular and body-shaping components, but there is a clear deficit in upper body training. 

Nohrd WaterGrinder will compensate this to a whole new extent by working your arms, shoulders, chest and abs, as well as your entire back. Your upper body joints and spine are provided the necessary movement and stress stimuli necessary for building daily resilience.

Conditions Strength and Endurance

Your legs are meant to sustain continuous stress throughout the day and therefore take longer to stimulate effectively. Your arms, however, are designed to handle shorter exertions and are able to rest most of the day. 

Nohrd WaterGrinder takes advantage of this factor and provides you with fast muscular fatigue by initiating endurance training through your arms, granting you extremely efficient and short training sessions. You'll experience that our WaterGrinder conditions strength and endurance simultaneously.

Sophisticated Workout

Muscles like teamwork and the necessary communication this entails! With our WaterGrinder you will work your muscle chains within their networks, while consistently improving communication between the nervous and muscular systems, as well as conditioning your connective tissue (fascia).

The independent crank feature provides symmetrical or reciprocal grinding, as well as both one or two-sided arm input. Furthermore, you can stand on either side of the WaterGrinder, enabling you to grip one handle with both hands. The result is a combination of inumerous training possibilities.

WaterGrinder Positions Forward


Both hands reciprocal                     Both hands symmetrical                  One hand right                         One hand left                            Side


WaterGrinder Positions Backwards


Both hands reciprocal                     Both hands symmetrical                  One hand right                         One hand left                            Side



WaterGrinder Hand Pedals

The hand pedals can be set in various height positions which allows you to further adjust the resistance. The smaller the rotation the higher the intensity.

WaterGrinder Seat

The seat can be hooked in on both sides in 3 different positions each.

WaterGrinder Monitor

The G1 performance monitor can be swung to either side, while a balance sensor recognises its position. This allows for training on each side of the machine. The buttons function on a touch-screen principle. The WaterGrinder G1 performance monitor provides you with an extensive range of training possibilities.

Time / Distance-Training

Determine the time or distance you want to master and concentrate solely on reaching your goal.

Rotational Speed-Training

Select the rotational speed program and have our software determine your training intensity, providing you with an objective performance comparison. Naturally, you must set your level of performance before you start, in order to ensure safe training.

Versatility Drill-Training

Choose this program for varying and unpredictable training stimuli. Determine your workout-focus which will then be completed by constant variation.

Racing Drill-Training

Select the racing drill function and go up against either a virtual or real opponent, hoisting sails (you set how many) as fast as possible. This is about winning or losing; again, another training-focus: high intensity guaranteed!

Depending on the program you will receive the following parameters: rotational speed, pulse rate, time, distance, performance in watt, ie calories/hour.