Schwinn SC Power Indoor Bike

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Schwinn SC Power Indoor Bike with Poly-V Drive Train

Real Power. Real Results.

Packed with all of the best-in-class features of Schwinn’s top tier indoor bikes, the new Smooth Cycling Power bikes take your ride to a whole new level with the amazingly accurate 4iiii® crank arm powermeter, the new Echelon2G console, and a built-in generator, preventing the continuous need to replace batteries.

Schwinn SC Power Indoor Bike Features:

  • Customizable options available with frame paint, personally branded decals, and accessories
  • Heavy Perimeter-Weighted Flywheel and quiet Poly-V belt Drive Train provide a Smooth Cycling experience
  • Direct Pressure Brake Resistance
  • 4iiii® crank arm powermeter delivers accurate strain gauge power feedback to help riders train harder and smarter
  • On-board generator powers Echelon2G Console without batteries
  • Morse Taper pedals and bottom bracket for increased durability and reliability
  • Multi-position handlebars accommodate a wide range of choreography
  • Find your perfect riding position with easy micro seat and handlebar adjustments
  • Frame Finish – Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Seat slider and handlebar materials – Aluminum
  • Max User Weight 350 lb (159 kg)
  • User Height Range 4’11” to 6’8” (150 cm to 203 cm)


With a rich history in developing sports technology, 4iiii Innovations has worked hand-in-hand with the world’s best cyclists to develop an industry-leading powermeter. Using patented 3D strain gauge technology, the 4iiii crank delivers accurate, reliable and consistent data. Trusted by the best athletes in the world, the same technology is now available to indoor riders. Whether it’s tracking calories or in-depth power analysis, the 4iiii crank offers accurate results to help riders reach their full potential.

Authentic Cycling
Schwinn indoor cycling is based on one simple principle: we believe that riding a bike indoors should feel as much like riding an outdoor bike as possible. We love the way bikes feel, we love the way they sound, and
we love the great workout they can provide. Cycling is the #2 most-popular fitness activity in the world, so we know that a lot of people feel the same way!

Smooth Cycling
Schwinn group cycles are not just a great tool for outdoor performance training. On the other side of the spectrum are those who ride to get lost in a great song. Schwinn’s whisper quiet Smooth Cycling series allows riders to channel their attention to any experience that a studio is striving to achieve.


The original name in the indoor cycling industry has partnered with the most accurate powermeter in cycling; the all-new 4iiii® powermeter delivers the most accurate direct crank-based power measurement on the market. It is the same technology used by professional World Tour cycling teams. Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ provides reliable connections to leaderboards, personal tracking apps, sport watches and consoles. Enjoy 1500 hours of battery life via 2 standard AA batteries.

About 4iiii Innovations
Based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, 4iiii Innovations Inc. has earned a Global reputation for technology leadership. The world’s most accurate powermeters, heart rate monitors and more are available for sports enthusiasts of all types to increase performance, improve athleticism and fun. Visit to get the latest in sports performance feedback products.


20 years ago, Schwinn® launched a phenomenon with the first production bike designed specifically for indoor cycling. The bike set the standard for an entire industry – a standard that we’ve raised with each Schwinn innovation. Today, Schwinn bikes remain in a class by themselves. the new AC Power and SC Power bikes take your ride to a whole new level with the amazingly accurate 4iiii® crank arm powermeter, the new Echelon2G console, and a built-in generator, preventing the continuous need to replace batteries.Our products are a reflection of our renewed energy and continued commitment to intelligent design, quality manufacturing and authentic riding experiences. So, take a look and see why the most demanding fitness enthusiasts in the world ride Schwinn.


Measurement is one of the most useful tools gaining momentum in cycling rooms. With the new Echelon2G Console, riders get the most detailed and accurate metrics to date, offering motivating rider feedback and fundamentally changing the way members ride and how classes are coached. The Echelon2G Console is our smartest design yet and is powered by a built-in generator, preventing the continuous need to replace batteries and making it an even smarter choice for your gym.



Bike Customization
Schwinn is committed to giving you the most customizable and authentic ride possible. Outfit your bike with the many great new features available like the 4iiii crank arm and new Echelon2 console. Ask us about how you can get your bikes with custom paint and decals to fit your style to your company image. Schwinn’s growing customization options allow you to leverage your company’s color and logos to grow your brand and reinforce your brand identity.


Schwinn Power Training Guide
Download the complete Schwinn power resource for athletes and trainers alike! Learn from industry experts Schwinn and 4iiii on what power is when it comes to indoor cycling and how to use it to take your training to the next level. Bonus – Get 6 training tips from coaches at TrainingPeaks with workouts and other helpful information to apply power to your training today!