Spri Single Handle Xerball - 6lb

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Spri Single Handle Xerball - 6lb

The Single Handle Xerball® is a single-handle, easy-grip medicine ball that is perfect for kettlebell simulation, multi-plane explosive throwing drills, rotational core conditioning, and sports specific training. Semi-soft sand-filled PVC shell, no-bounce ball.

Spri Single Handle Xerball - 6lb Features:

  • Single-handle for easy-grip
  • Perfect for kettlebell simulation
  • Sand-filled PVC shell
  • No-bounce
  • Color-coded weights

Spri Single Handle Xerball - 6lb Specifications:

Material: Semi-soft, sand-filled PVC plastic shell
Feel: Rigid, yet slightly forgiving surface with comfortable snug-fitting handle
Product use: Perfect for single-arm lift and kettlebell-style swing movements. Handle provides added security without over-gripping.
Responsiveness: No bounce