Spri XTS 1.5 Training System

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Spri XTS 1.5 Training System

The XTS 1.5 Training System is a uniquely designed total-body training tool that breaks plateaus, relieves joint and tendon stress and maximizes training results.The design of this robust training tool increases the intensity and functionality of upper-body lunges, squats, squat jumps and skater lunges; core-muscle mountain climbers, pikes, sit-ups and planks; and much more. Independently anchored straps, made of high-strength, multi-strand fabric, allow for quick adjustment of varied heights and angles of loading. The system is standard with 1.5"-diameter handles but also allows the use of specially designed thick-grip handles to be easily interchanged. Includes a pair of 14' professional-strength straps, a pair of 1.5" anodized aluminum handles and a pair of specially designed removable foot loops that have been designed for comfort and easy in and out foot/ankle placement. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

XTS 1.5 Training System Features:

  • Total-body training system
  • Relieves joint and tendon stress
  • Increases intensity and functionality of many exercises
  • Two independently anchored straps
  • Quickly adjusts to varied heights and angles
  • Includes a pair of straps, handles and foot loops
  • Downloadable exercise guide

XTS Training System Exercise Guide