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Torque Tank Locking Kit

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Torque Tank Locking Kit


  • 2 4' combination cable locks
  • Secures Plates to TANK™
  • Also see XT270TK

The mechanism in the TANK™ resists your pushing and pulling force by braking the wheels. Torque recommends 270 lb to give the TANK™ the weight to keep the tires from locking up and skidding at levels 3 and 4 on various surfaces. The locking kit allows you to secure three 45 lb grip plates to each weight peg of the TANK™. This ensures your TANK™ will be equipped with the proper downward force when any member uses it and allows your trainers to easily remove the weights if they wish to move the TANK™ to a different area. The combination locking cables route through the spokes of the grip plates and around the frame immobilizing the plates from being removed.

Note: Weight plates not included. See XT270TK for a kit that includes weight with the cables. Grip plates must be used for these cables.