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Torque X-Lab Monkey 1 - X4 Package

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Torque X-Lab Monkey 1 - X4 Package

The X-Lab Monkey 1 is a wall space system. The X4 version expands to the X3 with two dual pulley adjustable cable columns allowing two users to perform cable movements simultaneously and two ball targets.

Included in X4 Package:

  • 9 Suspension Training Stations
  • 6 Pull-Up Stations
  • 8 Resistance Band Stations
  • 2 Ground Rotational Stations
  • 6 Accessory Trays
  • 1 Plyo-Step Station
  • 1 Dip Station
  • Heavy Bag Anchor
  • Battle Rope Anchors
  • Ball Rebounder
  • Olympic Bar Storage
  • Battle Rope Storage
  • 2 Ball Targets
  • 2 Adj. Cable Columns

X-Labs can be customized and scaled to meet your needs and number of users with training station and storage options. See the X-Series Components below for a complete list of options and contact us for any custom requests.

The X-Lab Edge is required to be secured to the floor.