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Torque X-Rack 2-Sided Platform & Inserts

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Torque X-Rack 2-Sided Platform & Inserts

The SLPI-4R and SLPI-6R include two 6 x 8 foot platforms and an insert that fits 4 foot depth 2 -sided X-Racks (SLPI-4R) and 6 foot depth 2-sided X-Racks (SLPI-6R).  The molded waffle bottom platform is built to handle high impact training and is sized perfectly for Torque X-Rack training stations.

The X-Platforms feature beveled edges all around and are easy to install in new or existing X-Racks.  For passage inside the rack, the inserts also feature beveled edges.

Compatible with:

  • SLPI-4R compatible with 4 foot depth 2-sided racks
  • SLPI-6R compatible with 6 foot depth 2-sided racks

Each kit comes with two platforms and one insert.