3/4" Guardian Interlocking Rubber Tiles

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Guardian 3/4" Thick Rubber Tiles - Available in: 2'x2', 4'x4' & 4'x6'

Guardian Flooring Systems™ are an industry standard for recycled rubber interlocking floor systems. Humane was the first company to utilize the non-adhering interlocking system and our mats are used by facilities all over the world.

Guardian Floor Systems may be installed as a wall-to-wall system or as a stand alone solution within a room. Due to the interlocking system, the flooring is able to stabilize itself independent from walls and is offered in 3/8" or 1/2" thicknesses to allow for different levels of use.

Many commercial equipment companies prefer Guardian Flooring Systems because they can also be pre-cut to size utilizing CAD drawings or accurate measurements, which reduces installation time and creates a lot less scrap.

  • Heavy duty commercial grade recycled rubber
  • Interlock and true trimming available
  • Absolutely non-absorbent
  • Will not harbor or promote bacteria
  • No curling
  • Beveled edges available for built in transitions
  • Clean and fresh mitigating agent used to significantly reduce aroma
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Available in colors

2' x 2'

  • Available in interlock only
  • Available in 3/8" and ½" thickness
  • Available in all color

4' x 4'

  • Available in interlock only
  • Available in 3/8" and ½" thickness
  • Available in all colors

4' x 6'

  • Available in interlock and with trimmed edges for wall-to-wall installation
  • Available in 3/8", ½", and ¾" thickness
  • Available in select colors




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