Body-Solid Tools Interlocking Rubber Flooring (Speckled)

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Body-Solid Tools Interlocking Rubber Flooring (Speckled)

Body Solid Tools RFBST4PS Puzzle Mats are made from high quality Malaysian rubber

Protect your floors and equipment with Body-Solid Tools Speckled Puzzle Mats. Rubber flooring is a key component to any workout room or facility both to dampen sound and protect floors. Body-Solid Tools RFBST4PS Puzzle Mats provide both of these benefits thanks to their high-quality Malaysian rubber. Easy to install, snapping edges make installing the RFBST4PB a breeze. Each pack contains four 19.75” pieces of minimal odor flooring, 7/16” thick. When snapped together these mats create 39.5” squares. Each pack of four also comes in a handy retail ready box.


  • Four 19.75” Square Mats Per Pack, 7/16” Thick
  • Made of 10% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer color granules and 90% Styrene-Butadiene recycled rubber
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Minimum Odor
  • Retail Ready Packaging

Assembled Dimensions

  • Length: 19.75in / 501.65mm
  • Width: 19.75in / 501.65mm
  • Height: 0.44in/11.18mm