Gofit GoGrip - New

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Gofit GoGrip - New

GoFit’s GoGrip Stress Reliever helps effectively squeeze-away stress. The simple act of gripping and squeezing the malleable, palm-sized GoGrip, has a calming effect. It helps increase blood flow in the hands and relieves stress. The GoGrip also offers resistance for building grip strength in hand muscles, and increases finger joint flexibility. Apply pressure according to individual comfort level.

• Stress Relief, Calming Action, Grip Strength
• Ultra ergonomic—squeezes to fit perfectly in the hand, and then reshapes itself back again
• Latex-free exterior with non-toxic silicone filler
• Compact, PDQ display holds 12 units
• Soft “pearl finish” material
• Portable and unbreakable
• Dimensions: 2" x 4"

Includes: One GoGrip

Pricing is for one (1) grip.


How Often should I Check my Exercise Equipment?

GoFit equipment should always be checked thoroughly before each and every use to assure there are no nicks, tears, holes or other damage to the item. Using damaged items could lead to severe injury. If any sign of damage or wear is present, immediately discontinue use of the item and contact GoFit Customer Service for assistance.

• Clean the Go Grip with mild soap and water.
- DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.
- DO NOT sumberge Go Grip in water.
• Keep the Hand Go Grip out of direct sunlight.
- DO NOT place Go Grip where it would be exposed to extreme high or low temperatures or heat sources.
• The “life span” of the Go Grip will depend on the amount of usage and proper care.