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Gofit GoTape - New

The GoFit GoTape is an ultra convenient, compact way to measure circumference. It’s a great fitness tool for tracking your weight loss as well as your gains in muscle mass. Measure around arms, legs, waist etc. Much easier and quicker than with a clumsy loose tape measure. Simply, pull the measuring tape out and around the object to be measured—up to 60 inches (≈152cm). Slide the “Keeper” end piece into its slot. The GoFit GoTape retracts with the push of a button, cinching neatly around the object for an accurate measurement. Made of durable plastic, the GoTape is lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere.

• Professional Accuracy
• Measures up to 60 inches circumference
• Retracting measuring tape cinches neatly around object for quick, accurate measuring
• Tape measures in inches and metric units
• Unit measures: 3.5"x 2.125"x 1"
• Easy to Use

Measure any body part—chest, waist, arms, thighs, calves and more.

GoTape is easy to use:
1. While pressing the center button, pull the end of the measuring tape out and around the body part you’d like to measure.
2. Slide the “end rod” of the tape into the slot.
3. Press the center button so the tape retracts for a snug fit.
4. Your measurement shows where the tape enters the GoTape housing—on the opposite side of the “end rod” slot.

Includes: GoFit GoTape

How Often should I Check my Exercise Equipment?

GoFit equipment should always be checked thoroughly before each and every use to assure there are no nicks, tears, holes or other damage to the item. Using damaged items could lead to severe injury. If any sign of damage or wear is present, immediately discontinue use of the item and contact GoFit Customer Service for assistance.


• Clean the GoTape with mild soap and warm water.
- DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.
- DO NOT immerse GoTape into water.

• Keep the GoTape out of direct sunlight. The GoTape should not be placed anywhere where it would be exposed to extreme high or low temperatures, heat sources or open flame.