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Torque 10 X 4  Foot Monkey Bar Cable Rack - X1 Package

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Torque 10 X 4  Foot Monkey Bar Cable Rack - X1 Package

The 10 x 4 foot Monkey Bar Cable X-Rack – X1 package is space efficient 2 station lifting rack with monkey bars and two cable columns.  The XCCS cable columns each have double swivel pulleys for full body movements for two or can be used as a dual adjustable pulley station for one.

Included in Torque 10 X 4  Foot Monkey Bar Cable Rack - X1 Package:

  • 2 Olympic lifting stations
  • 2 Ball Targets
  • 2 Ground Rotational Trainers
  • Triple play – Weight storage, bar storage and battle rope anchor
  • 10′ of Monkey Bars
  • 2 XCCS Cable Component Stations

X-Racks can be customized to meet your needs with various pull-up, training station and storage options. 

The X-Rack is required to be secured to the floor.