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Torque Tank MX Weight Horn/Stacking Kit

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Torque Tank MX Weight Horn/Stacking Kit


  • Allows stacking on TANK™ MX
  • Add weight to TANK™ MX
  • Used with XTGAK
  • Sold as a pair

The TANK™ Weight Horn Stacking Kit allows users to add weight to the Standard MX model and allows you to stack TANK™ MX for storage and portability.

Sold as a set of two weight horns and two stacking receivers, they each mount directly to the frame. Weight horns are 8.1 in (200 mm) tall and are nylon covered solid steel. They bolt to the frame using existing hardware. The stacking receiver mounts to the bottom of the tank and accepts weight horns from the TANK™ MX below it.

Sold as a pair of both weight horns and stacking receivers, this kit is required in order to stack TANK™ MX. A weight horn or weight horn/stacking kit is required in order to use the XGAS with an MX.

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