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Total Gym Encompass Leg Pulley System

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Total Gym Leg Pulley System

The Leg Pulley System is our most popular accessory enabling you to perform a full complement of cable based leg exercises covering the spectrum of resistance training and Pilates. Like Pilates equipment, the pulley system allows for unilateral and bilateral movement with multiple leg attachments: a pair of foot harnesses to facilitate traditional Pilates evolved exercises like leg circles and an ankle harness for established single leg cable work for inner and outer thigh.

The Leg Pulley System is one of the most popular accessories for Total Gym incline training. In a single accessory you gain the ability to do many lower body cable exercises for gaining strength and flexibility.

Additionally, the leg attachment assists in learning to achieve reverse crunches and leg raises, strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, and inspires movements that require stability and core strength with progressions for developing each

How to get into the foot harnesses

Step 1: Holding the cables just above both foot harnesses, straddle the glideboard and push the glideboard up the rails.

Step 2: Sit on the bottom 3rd of the glideboard, continuing to hold both cable ends above the foot harnesses.

Step 3: With one foot on the Toe Bar or base of the unit, bring one foot up towards chest and put on the foot harness, with the thin strap going under the foot.

Step 4: Bring other foot towards chest while keeping the opposite leg bent and place the second foot in the harness.

Step 5: Lay back, extend both legs and prepare for exercise.

How to get out of the foot harnesses

Step 1: Bend both legs towards chest

Step 2: With one hand grab a hold of both cables. Remove one foot and place it on Toe Bar or base of unit.

Step 3: Remove other foot and place it on the Toe Bar or base of unit.

Step 4: Put the harnesses and cable off to the side. Sit up and prepare for next exercise position.

Total Gym Leg Pulley System Features:

  • Includes:
    • 2 heavy duty nylon-web foot harnesses,
    • 1 nylon ankle harness lined with comfort foam,
    • 1 Cable Extension Kit includes three cable extensions and adaptive components for any Total Gym model

Total Gym Leg Pulley System Warranty:

Warranty: One Year


Shipping weight 3.00 lbs
Box size: 7.00" x 7.00" x7.00"