Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Accessible Total Body Trainer

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Keiser M7WTBT Wheelchair-Accessible Total Body Trainer

Bringing Low-impact workouts within reach of more people. This unsurpassed inclusivity and versatility make it the ideal machine to meet the demands of specialized physiotherapy for ALL users, from cardiac rehab patients to seniors to individuals with disabilities.  

Better Machine. Better Science

  • Works with a wheelchair or standard chair
  • Keiser Magnetic Resistance for ultra-smooth movement
  • Natural functional movement pattern
  • Low starting resistance
  • Dependent upper and lower cranks to enable passive assistance
  • Low impact workout that delivers accurate and measurable results
  • Only ergometer in this class that features measurable parameters, such as METS, Watts, Steps Per Minute and Distance
  • Easily transportable and features the smallest footprint in its class, taking up less space for more functional floor plans
  • 7-inch pedal stroke matches the height of actual stairs, allowing users to mimic real-work movement for daily activities
  • Back and side walls on pedal keep user's foot on footpad
  • Enhanced visibility for power display with large lettering and high contrast


Wrist Stability Straps

The wrist stability straps for the Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Enabled Total Body Trainer are designed to hold a wheelchair or a standard chair in place if a user feels unstable during a workout. Velcro fasteners secure the strap to the arm and wrist before placing the loop over the M7i handle, allowing the user to pull or push with the palm as needed for exercise.

Foot Stability Straps & Leg Stabilizers

The foot stability straps for the Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Enabled Total Body Trainer assist in keeping the leg in place for a user during a workout. Additionally, leg stabilizers ensure proper leg alignment and position when exercising on the machine.

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