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Total Gym Accessory Pilates Package

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Total Gym Accessory Pilates Package

Add the full functionality of Pilates to your order with the comprehensive Pilates Accessory Package. Pilates movements increase reach, flexibility and core control with low joint compression. The physical and mental benefits of traditional and evolved Pilates add balance to any fitness program.  Compatible with ELEVATE Encompass, Recovery Series Encompass and PowerTower, and Heritage Series GTS.

Includes the Telescoping Toe Bar, Standing Platform, Slide Distance Regulator and Leg Pulley System.

The Total Gym Encompass Pilates Package includes all the necessary accessories to add Pilates training to your fitness program.


Total Gym Encompass Accessory Pilates Package Benefits for the individual exerciser:


  • Compatible with ELEVATE Encompass and Recovery Series Encompass and PowerTower and Heritage Series GTS.
  • Enhance core strength, flexibility, fluid movements, breath.
  • Engage the mind body connection.
  • Increase overall tone and definition.

Total Gym Accessory Pilates Package Features:

  • Telescoping Toe Bar
  • Facilitates upper body, lower body and torso stretching and strengthening Pilates exercises.
  • Standing Platform
  • Lets you perform Pilates leg, trunk conditioning and other exercises that challenge balance and stability.
  • Slide Distance Regulator
  • Lets you limit the travel distance of the glideboard on either the incline or decline. You can also lock the glideboard in place.
  • Leg Pulley System
  • Engage a full complement of leg exercises covering the entire spectrum of resistance training and Pilates. Exercise with a single leg or both legs simultaneously.