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Total Gym Accessory Strength Package

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Total Gym Accessory Strength Package

Add the Accessory Strength Package to your order The Strength Package comes with 5 accessories to add additional strength training exercises to your Total Gym workout.

Includes the Press Bar, Squat Handle Bar, Weight Bar, SCRUNCH Accessory and 3Grip Pull-up Bar to help develop increased muscle mass, tone and definition.

  • Compatible with ELEVATE Encompass and Recovery Series Encompass and PowerTower
  • Add increased resistance to your exercise program
  • Engage the core for stabilization
  • Target abdominals
  • Intensify military press exercises for increased upper body strength
  • Isolate all three heads of triceps with Dip Bars
  • Provide security and safety during squat exercises
  • Offer three distinct grip positions for Pull-up exercises

Total Gym Accessory Strength Package Features:

  • Press Bar
  • For military-style press exercises with two grips.
  • Weight Bar
  • Add additional standard weight plates to achieve greater weight resistance above and beyond body weight.
  • Squat Handle Bar
  • Provides a solid handhold during squat exercises.
  • SCRUNCH Accessory
  • Stretch, strengthen and stabilize your entire core for targeted abdominal workouts.
  • 3Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Get three distinct grip positions for pull-ups: wide, narrow and hammer.